Monday, July 2, 2012

Slippin' and a slidin'

Yesterday we had a great  day! Sawyer went back  home after lunch and while Raya napped, Brielle and I  ran a couple of errands.  While I was out I decided to buy a slip n slide for the girls :-) After  Lee mowed he got it all  set up--not  sure who had  more fun--Lee or the girls!

Unfortunately I  couldn't join in the sliding fun....slip n slides and my arthritis don't get  along at all haha. But  I played photographer and documented the fun as you can see!

How stinkin' cute  is that?

Lee told Raya  to wait  for him there, and then he slid down and drenched her LOL

She liked it!

Lee said he'll  be going to the chiropractor after all  this haha

Brielle loved it too! She slid down quite a bit, but I worried  about her  ears getting water in them...

All  wet ? Jump in the  sandbox! Makes sense ;-)   ...needless to  say they  went  right  in the bathtub after this haha

Brown eyed girl...

...and blue eyed!

And lastly, a few pics from yesterday right before Sawyer went home. Lee was still  supervising his slumber party, and at one point the kids were COVERED in their hair, smeared all over their snotty faces, etc. His solution? A pool bath! :-)

....Sawyer seemed to have a ton of fun rough housing with uncle Lee in the pool!

Uncle Lee's method of washing sand out of their  hair!

Drip dry!

Sawyer  knows how to get his revenge!

...and Raya  helps!
Hope you enjoyed all of our water fun today---it's so blasted HOT here lately you pretty much have to stay inside with air conditioning, or outside sitting in water!!!


  1. Haha! I love seeing how much Lee had with the kids; he looks like a big kid himself!!! :)

  2. Love the photos! Slip n' slides are so much fun!!! =)

  3. Dr. Krivit (in tbe same office as dempewolf) is who did cam and sams tubes. He told us that they are ok with being in water as long as they are not submerging their ears in the water. However i will say that with the two experiences i have had, neither one of my kids have wornthe ear plugs and have done fine. Sam had her tubes placed in jan. Of this year and she is a fish. She loves to put her head under the water in tbe tub and at the pool. Its all about the specific child i think ;-). Different subject, you have neen taking some really good pix lately! And adam has quite a bit of fun on the slip n slide with the kids too!

    1. Yeah, I took them to the kiddie pool today and Brielle dunked herself about 4 times before we left ....she's a fish too! Hopefully it doesn't end up being a huge problem...I want to try and find some swim bands for her that I heard about---supposedly like a headband that covers their ears?

      Thanks about the pictures!

  4. Too fun, great pictures. Kaylee keeps asking for us to get her a slip n slide!

  5. Love the pics of Lee with the slip and slide and with Raya and Sawyer!!!!The one of Lee dipping sawyer in the pool is great!!!!!!
    Grama F

  6. So cute that your hubby got in the slip n slide too!


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