Sunday, July 1, 2012

More pics of Raya on campus and Slumber party!

Ever  since Raya stayed overnight with Sawyer  a little while  back we had been planning to invite Sawyer here for one as well. Last  night Lee  suddenly volunteered to supervise a slumber  party so I called and invited Sawyer over. 

Their party included Lee teaching Sawyer how to shoot a bow and arrow, watching Smurfs and eating popcorn, candy, and Mt. Dew, "camping" on Raya's  bedroom floor, swimming at 8am, eating sprinkle donuts for breakfast, jumping on the trampoline, and swimming again :-)

Here are some pics  of their fun!

Eating supper

He  kept  closing his eyes for my pictures!

I told him to keep them open...this was  not  exactly what I had in mind LOL

If you see my nifty new  logo pop up that  means it's a favorite pic of mine ;-)

The basement is not great for photos...but here they are with popcorn, m&ms, soda (and milk for Raya, since she won't drink anything other  than white milk and w ater!)

It was a last minute slumber  party so Sawyer borrowed Raya's giraffe pjs and a purple blankey ;-)

This was all  blurry because they were moving so much!!! I tried  to slavage it....

This morning they went swimming---Sawyer borrowed some board shorts hehe.

Lee supervised under  our new patio umbrella! :-P

Randoms of Sawyer I think...too bad he has some crumbs on his  mouth hehe...I  tried  to edit  out the biggest  ones!

So  that was our  fun Saturday night/Sunday am. Once Brielle wakes up from her morning nap she's going to run some errands with me while Lee supervises the  rest of slumber party 2012 :-P

To end, as a PS to yesterday's post here are some more of my fav pics from Raya's on location photo shoot...I'm loving them!!! These are definitely going to be her "3 year pics" so I'm going to have a hard time picking ones  to frame!

She kind of looks sad here, but I LOVE it for some reason!

This was an "aged" edit...I  like  the muted colors

Since I went to this college, it's  funny to see Raya strolling my old stomping ground haha

She was very concerned about the pinecones...I  think she though they were some type of bug!

Brielle gets  comments about her blue eyes all the time, but I love Raya's brown ones  too! Brown eyes are harder to capture in photo though, so I get excited when I  get a shot  where they really pop :-)

Check out her Kmart high heels hehe...well, more like  a wedge I guess

I like the coloring I did on this  one...I believe it was the "sepia" edit that  I then tweaked.

This  is another of the  "aged" edits I did, and then tweaked

This doorway ended up being my favorite spot of the d ay...and for some reason this location looks awesome (at least  I  think so haha) with this "creamtone" preset.


  1. What a fun night for the kids!! My R used to drink SO much white milk, so much so, I started to worry she was getting too much - ha! :)

    You are doing an amazing job on these photos, and I do love the brown eyes!!!!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!! I love every one!!!!You'll have to decide which one to put on my wall!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. What a fun sleepover! They look like they had a blast. And I love all the pictures, but for some reason I absolutely love the one of Raya walking down the stairs with her hand on the railing. My other favorite is the third from last by the door. Absolutely adorable!


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