Monday, July 23, 2012

Swimming lessons!

So today  Raya  had her  first day of swimming lessons (they are daily for this whole  week). She's never really  done  lessons of any kind before (well, other than kindermusik as a baby, but  that was with me as a parent/child thing).

Anyways, I was really anxious to see how she'd do  today...and she did great! All the kids and parents waited outside and then the teachers came and called the kids who were in their group. Raya went  when her  name was called, but  she kept looking back  at me saying "you coming too mama?"  she definitely  seemed uncertain.  Well we weren't  allowed in, so I ran around to watch from outside (through the fence) with some other parents. I could tell Raya was looking for me and she seemed scared! I finally caught her eye through the fence and waved, and then she was fine!

The  funniest  part of the  morning was at the  beginning when the teachers told them all to take  off their shoes and get  in the water. All  the other  kids did it and Raya yelled over to me through the fence "MAMA! CAN I TAKE MY SHOES OFF?!" I called  back  "yes!" and she said "Ok mama!"  ;-)

Today's  lesson was pretty simple.  Lots of kicking in the water, "swimming" on their bellies,  using noodles, etc. They stayed  in the super shallow end that  was only about a foot deep....just practicing familiarity with  the water and following directions. Raya did everyting she was  told to do and had a ton of fun. She never cried and she really  didn't  look  for me at all  after she got in the water.

When she was all  done she ran  to  me and was  so excited! She also told me she made a friend named  Ava, which started a debate because  I never noticed her  talking to a particular kid and didn't  hear the name Ava.....then my  mom mentioned that *Sawyer* has a friend named Ava at his swimming lessons, which he talks about all the time. So we started thinking  she was just trying to copy him! However when I showed her  pics I took  today she consistently pointed  to the same  little girl in every picture and told me that was now  I'm confused! I will  definitely be listening for that little  girl's name tomorrow LOL

I  only  had my  mom's  point  and shoot and had  to zoom way in over the fence so these are poor  quality, but they'll  do!

Raya  is  in pink, kicking  away! She had  two teen boy instructors, which I  think  she thought was  pretty cool, because she doesn't get to hang out with young  guys like that ever really  haha. 

Pigtail girl to Raya's  right  is who she claims is Ava ;-)

Raya  has  the  yellow noodle. The girl she's facing cried the entire  time haha. The pigtail girl behind Raya is "ava" again

I talked  to the mom of the girl in yellow for awhile....found out they will  be in the exact same preschool class this fall.
So  anyways, it  was  definitely a success and  she's super excited to go back  tomorrow! Poor  Brielle was bummed she couldn't swim, but  she had  animal cookies as a consolation prize ;-) Tomorrow I have to take Finn along too. Hopefully  he likes chillin' in his carseat!

And now I just have random pics I haven't share yet...first off, my girls really play  awesome together 95% of the time. Little angels ;-)

She is suddenly obsessed with  this snowflake hat for some reason!

But  lately  Brielle  has  learned  some new words. She  can now  *very clearly* yell "no, no,  no, no!!!!!!" and she can also yell "mine!" and  "stop!"  haha. So now rather than let Raya  steal  her  toys, Brielle puts up a fight!

On Sunday  Lee and  I  took the girls to the pool, so that Raya has the e xperience fresh in her  mind before  lessons today.  Well  Raya  told me she wanted  to wear a hat..."because  it's sunny mommy!" I said whatever, go grab one.  Next  thing I know I see this:


Raya gets quite  upset that  Brielle doesn't  cooperate for pictures.  She always  tries to get Brielle to stand next  to her, and that  makes Brielle really  mad and want to get away even more!

lastly, a couple  pics from the county fair  we went to on Saturday! I  really  wanted  to see  if Raya was brave  enough to ride  some rides solo (in the past she usually does  the carousel and things I ride  on with her) ....because  in a couple weeks we are going with Grandma and Sawyer and Harper to Adventureland! (Basically  like Six Flags, only smaller). Should be a lot  of fun :-)

Raya  did great riding rides...on this one she seemed  like she might have  been  getting a little sick towards  the end  though haha. It went in circles  for a long time!

Daddy and Raya!

Daddy and Brielle!

Raya (and  Mama too!) ended up covered in powdered sugar  from our funnel cake! It was oh so worth it though ;-)


  1. Your weekend looked tons of fun!! I love those giant slides! And swim lessons sounded like a hit!

  2. Glad to hear she had a good time at swimming. We want to get kaylee into swimming lessons. That picture of raya in the hat with her bathing suit made me LOL!!!

  3. Super cute photos! Glad Raya had fun at swimming lessons! =) And the fair looks like fun too!!

  4. Aww... that is so cute that Raya turned around to ask you if it was okay to take her shoes off! What a sweetheart!

  5. I'm so glad the lessons went well. I can't wait to hear if there is a "real" Ava or not, haha.

    Raya knows what's good...funnel cakes are the best! Her with that hat on and the swim suit cracks me up!

  6. Love the pic of the girls reading their book together!!!!!
    Grama F

  7. I'm jealous of you guys... I love a good slide! (And I'm jealous of the funnel cake, too, but we'll pretend I didn't say that...)


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