Monday, July 16, 2012

Table Dancing 101

It's  fun seeing your kids develop interests and talents as they grow. Raya  for instance has always seemed interested  in soccer believe it  or not, and seems to have  a natural talent for kicking the  ball. I think  it'd be fun to sign her up for a soccer league in the future, if I can convince Lee to get over his  hatred of the sport LOL.

Brielle on the other hand has shown, from a very early age, a natural talent for table  dancing. Lately she table  dances daily, and often sings "march! march!" or "shake, shake, shake!" while she dances haha. Unfortunately my quest to find a table  dancing class for the toddler  crowd has proved unsuccessful up until  this  Brielle has  decided to  lead her  own class here---using  my blog forum.

Please pay careful attention:

First, carefully climb onto the table of your choosing. Brielle prefers our  coffee table, but I'm sure  she'll  graduate to our wet bar  before long.

Second, start to shake what  your mama gave ya! Brielle likes to start with a lot of arm flapping and squealing, but do whatever  feels  natural.

Third, build  up to the climatic booty shaking, arm  flapping, stomping, spining, and "singing" ...this is  where  the crowd starts to  go wild---or Mama comes  in yelling  "get  off the stinkin' table!"  ;-)

Smile for  your  adoring fans---or  smile for your mama as you outright ignore everything she says about getting down.

...and now, TA-DA! You've  just  successfully completed your very first  table dance.

On a side note, feel  free to accessorize in fun and  unusual ways ....

Lastly on an unrelated  note, this  hand foot and mouth disease is kickin' our butt! You see, I thoguht we got away with a super mild case....and as you can see, Brielle did! She's acting totally  healthy and back  to her normal table dancing ways ;-) Raya had been acting totally  fine too, except for the blister on her lip which didn't  bother her. But then, yesterday....OMG .....she got the worst looking blister on the side of her tongue, and it wraps around to the underside of her tongue....she's  miserable! Yesterday was horrible...she grunts and points instead of talking and just cries and wails because  she's so hungry but  can't  eat. Last night she acted like  she finally started feeling better  and ate some animal crackers (and I squirted water into her mouth with a straw) but  now today again she is having a hard time (well, she  ate brownies  I made LOL...she said they were nice and soft---the fishsticks I made apparently weren't soft enough ;-) I guess clearly I can see that  her tongue would hurt, but  I think she might be playing me a little too! haha.

Here is her poor tongue...

I  feel  so bad for her!
So anyways, a table  dancing 1 year old and a sick 3 year old....just  another crazy day  at my  house! :-)


  1. Oh my word! Poor Raya! That looks awful, Shawna! I hope it goes away soon!

  2. OMG that looks awful. Poor raya. Hope she feels better soon.
    Keira likes to dance on our coffee table too

  3. Oh no poor Raya =) Her poor mouth looks like it hurts so badly. Emma had a case of this when she was really little, but it wasn't nearly as bad as that. I sure hope she feels better real soon!

  4. OMG!!!Rayas' mouth looks terrible. No wonder she does not want to eat!!!! My pretty little Brielle is going to be trouble!!!

  5. I'm a little behind on your posts, but this one made me laugh so hard. What a little entertainer :)


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