Friday, July 27, 2012

The Ava mystery--solved!

So no pictures today again! The ones from yesterday  will  have  to hold you all  over :-) It's 1:30 and I *just* got the girls and Finn down for naps and finally have  time to eat something--whew! So I've  decided I don't care about a real  blog  update today haha.

BUT I wanted to say that  we solved the  Ava mystery! Remember  the  "ava" friend Raya had the first day of swimming lessons? Well  today a mom came up to me and was talking like she knew me and said "now that  I know you live by me we shoudl have a playdate" etc. ....and I"m thinking who the heck is this?! Well low  and behold it's a girl I took  dance classes with in middle  school---and my mom had told me awhile back  that she lived near me and had a little girl about Raya's age---I had kind  of forgotten about it! And guess who her little  girl is? Yep, the mysterious pigtail "Ava" that  Raya declared  her friend LOL. Only  her name isn't  Ava, it's Cora. Miss Raya was still  confused :-P

So anyways, I got a good chuckle out of that  and I can d ie happy now that I've figured out that mystery! Raya had a good last day of class---although me and another mom had to laugh that they spent the first  5ish minutes of lessons on the grass talking, and then our girls spent the last 10 minutes in the potty lessons weren't very long today needless to say. She got a little certificate for passing though---so I guess it was a good intro to the water.

Today while at lessons I  got to thinking about how stinkin' hard it is, even as a stay-at-home-mom, to find good matches with other moms for playdates! I mean, first you have to have kids at least  somewhat close in age, and then there are all the different "types" of moms to weed through. For instance, there was a really chatty (and very nice!) mom who talked to me every day of swimming lessons...and had  a little boy Raya's age, a girl Brielle's age, and was preggo and due in a month with #3. BUT she was a cosleeping, baby wearing, husband works at the  church and they're having as many  kids as God wants, etc. type of mom. Which is totally fine for sure! But  could not be more opposite than me haha. (And yes, she  told me all  of this herself--she was a talker!---so I didn't just  stereotype :-P) So I feel like I'm always crossing off moms as possible  good matches  as fast as I  can find them LOL. Anyone else feel like that?!

Maybe I'm just too picky ;-)

Well, Happy Friday  everyone! We  don't have anything too excited  planned this w eekend...probably  packing and getting the house in order because we leave on Wednesday for our anniversary trip--waaaaaaaahooooooooooooooo! ...and  yes, I'll miss the girls (we are gone 4 nights)....but I'll  miss  them in a "awww, they're so sweet" sort of way...but  not in a "awww, I  wish I could wake up at 6:30am and change diapers and  make snacks and break  up fights" sort of way!


  1. I love that Ava story! And I hear you about the play dates. I wish I had more mom friends that live close to me. Luckily I have an awesome neighbor with a boy a couple months older than Kyla. But she's really busy so we can't get together too often. Kyla definitely needs more play time with other kids.

    I'm excited for you for your trip! I can't wait for Tyler and I to do something like that!

  2. Love the how the Ava story ended!!!! You will definitely need to plan a play date with Cora!!! I say plan play dates with everyone that seems nice, and let Raya decide who she has fun with!!!!!
    Grama F


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