Friday, July 6, 2012

They've taken over!

So I  mentioned Raya's "new" Littlest Pet Shop stuff in yesterday's post....well here is a picture  of when  we had it all set up at Grandma's house!

Yeah, just  a couple houses ;-P

Her favorite  stuff is the  bag  of  tiny accessories of course....the  bag I  try to keep away from sissy!

They  are pretty cute little things though haha. Now they have been transported to our house and my living room floor is no longer visible haha.
In other  news, Sawyer  and  Harper have  hand, foot, and mouth disease. My girls played with them yesterday, so we have  officially been exposed! Hoping we don't catch it...but either way I don't have  Finn today because we didn't want  him exposed if it could be avoided! So today since we were suddenly baby free we went out to lunch and then to a splash times (but  hot, like my car said the temp was 102 degrees hot)....ewwwwww

Before the splash pad I  did a quick  drive around the local state park....because  Finn's family is having me do their family pics tomorrow (I'm obviously not charging or anything....they just asked and I said sure, more practice  for me! :-) However we aren't quite sure where  we want to take them so I drove around the park today to see what was there. I only  had my mom's point and shoot  though, and Raya was PO'd about the detour these are not great at all. But I think the grassy setting would be kind cool for family pics if we decided to go there.

Like I said, these were just on a point and shoot....don't judge their quality! lol
This is the death glare that  means she is not amused with 100 degree temp photos :-P

I was thinking it  might look cool to walk in there a little  ways for pics, but Raya obviously wasn't setting foot in the grass! lol

This fence  was cool looking, but didn't  work out the greatest as a background for  photos

Are we done yet  mama?!
Happy Friday! I'm sure I'll  let everyone know how the photoshoot goes tomorrow lol

In other news, when I tried to replace my blog header today I got the dreaded "you ran out of photo space" message....yikes! However  it's still letting me post these pictures, so I'm a little confused. Anyways, have any of you purchased the additional photo space for your blog? I think I saw somewhere that it  was like $2 a month or something to upgrade the amount of space you're allowed? Any other options? Please share if you've run into this problem!!! :-)


  1. Look at all the pet shops!! And to think I thought Emma had a lot!! I bet they are having a blast with them. I know Emma loves them =) Cute pics too! =)

    1. Yes, when I bought t hem I had only seen a picture of the houses all folded up....when they are all out in the living room they look like a lot more! haha

  2. I can't wait to see how your first photo shoot with other people goes tomorrow! I am sure you will do great!

    I had to laugh looking at Raya in these pictures, especially in that 2nd one where you were outside! Her face says it all! :)

    Oh no! You got the space is filled comment??? We need to get that figured out, and by that I mean w/o us having to pay money to buy more space! As you know, I have gotten that message quite a few times already and somehow I am still able to upload. I switch back and forth from our laptop to the desktop to upload and that seems to work... for now! :)

    1. Thanks! It's supposed to still be ungodly hot here---like 90s I think--so we're going to try early morning to help with that. Hopefully we get some good ones!

  3. I can't wait to see some of baby Finn's pictures! Raya is such a good sport! It probably helps that she just got a whole living room full of new toys, huh? :)

    I only get that message when I try to upload a new header. I've never got it while uploading pictures to a post (knock on wood) so I'm not sure what the heck the deal is.

    1. Yeah, I only got it so far when uploading a new header. I'm mad I can't change mine now! lol. I was hoping a blog reader has tried buying more space and could let me know how that is....because really, if it's only $2 a month I'm willing to pay that if it truly means I don't have to hassle with the random no picture space warnings! haha


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