Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Reunion

We are leaving today for the big H family reunion on Lee's side. Since I still have tons of packing to do, plus Raya's dance class this afternoon, I will keep this update short and sweet! I'll be back on Monday with pictures from our trip I'm sure :-)

Today I decided to make up a Halloween shirt for my etsy shop . Heads up, the adorable tutu skirt is from Walmart--only  $5! They had orange and purple and maybe green...I can't quite remember. Anyways, I didn't really care for the generic tshirts they had so I decided I'd make my own and it turned out pretty cute! I'm going to offer them with a name as well in my shop---add the name underneath in a coordinating fabric :-)

Doesn't Raya look super Halloweeny? hehe

I have the same skirt for Brielle too---but I think  I'll  made her a different applique shirt in the same fabrics as Raya's :-)

And  lastly, here are some of the many monogram shirts I've been working on from my last Facebook sale! If you missed out on it then big bummer for you! ;-) And if I haven't mailed yours yet don't  worry---it's coming! I'm in the sweatshop every night hehe :-P

If you haven't already "liked" my facebook page HERE then please do so, and make sure you don't  miss any of my facebook only sales or giveaways!!!! :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Going Mental

So, it's no surprise to most  people that being a parent is the hardest job you will ever have. I mean, even people who *aren't* parents can usually recognize and admit that they imagine it would be really hard.

BUT, many times when people think "hard" they are imagining sleepless nights, exploding diapers, tantrums, worrying about their health and well being, finding enough time in the day, etc......

and yes, those things are hard!

....but  there  is also this less talked about component of parenting that I like  to refer to as going mental---i.e. your child is being "good" for all intensive purposes, but is still driving you INSANE! lol. This especially becomes a problem when they can talk :-P

For example, tonight after picking the girls up from my parent's house we had an approx. 10 minute drive home. Our relatively short drive felt like a good 15 hours, because instead of listening peacefully to Carrie Underwood sing on the radio I listened to this:

Raya: Mommy, look at me!
Me: I'm driving.
Raya: I'm a cow! Look at me, I can say "moooooooooooooooooooooooo"
Me: Cool.
Raya: I'm a really LOUD this.....moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Brielle: Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Both girls: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....moooooooooooooooooooooo
Raya: Mommy, it's getting dark. Where's the sun. Where's the light? Tonight I want my Dora nightlight
Brielle: Dora!
Raya: Mommy, Brielle said Dora!
Brielle: Dora! Dora!
Raya: hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Raya: Where's my pillow?
Me: It's in the back of the van....I'll get it when we get home.
Raya: Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I want my pillow!
Me: Raya, I'm driving.
Raya: Next time give me my pillow in my carseat.
Me: We'll see.
Raya:  No, No, No (diva hand wave) ....Mommy, I need my pillow.
Me: Raya, we're almost home and---
Raya: BUMPY ROAD! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Brielle: Bump! Bump! Bump!
Raya: Why are we going this way?
Me: The other road is closed.
Raya: Mommy, why are the roads closed?
Me: They are fixing them.
Raya: No, no, no (Saying things in 3's is her new thing lol), no, no, I think THREE roads are closed.
Me: sure, whatever.
Raya: Mommy?
Me: What?
Raya: Mommy, watch this! this point my head is about to explode haha. Seriously, kids are (mentally) exhausting lol

Add to that the fact that moms never get a sick day, and I'm sick today.....and this Mama is counting down the remaining minutes left on Barney so that I can put these munchkins to bed!

Raya: Mommy????????    ..............

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School supply shopping

So Raya starts preschool on Tuesday, and the school sent us a little supply today Raya went  school supply shopping for the first time! Luckily there were only like 5 things on the list, and they are just things to put in the community supply closet---not supplies specific to Raya---so it was a quick and cheap shopping list :-)

Raya however was THRILLED with this list and told me "no one else can hold my list because it's MY list and my teacher gave it to ME!"   LOL. Yes mam!

Well on Sunday  when I  was at the outlet mall my mom saw this owl purse at Claires and we decided Raya definitely needed it. So I was holding onto it for the perfect time to give it to her and decided today was the day! So I surprised her with it and told her  it was for her shopping list. The girl was over the moon.

I gave her $1 and some pennies to put in the purse with her list. All day she would say "I hear it jingle!" haha. At the post office when I went to pay she said "no mommy, I have money!" ...and I said  "oh, that's not enough honey" and she said "but  you gave me $1!!!!!!"   She thought she was rich :-) She ended up using the $1 to have her and sissy ride a ride at the mall, and she threw her pennies in the fountain. She said "I will share my money with sissy because she is my sister and I love her"   ....awwwwwww

She carried it all  day---she thought she was hot stuff! She held it in her carseat too...she dangled it over the edge and just held on for the whole 20 minute drive haha

When we got home I had  her pose with her  supplies she picked  out!

It's possible we also picked  up a headband at Target lol ;-) It matched her outfit  so perfectly!!! It's from the toddler girl section and oh man, they  have some TO DIE FOR new fall outfits out right now. Sweater leggings, corduroy bubble skirts, shorts with tights underneath, etc. I refrained but it was painful! If you actually need new clothes you should go check it out :-)

We also picked up some boots today. On Sunday when I went  with my mom I had wanted to get Raya some boots to wear with all her leggings and jeggings this year. I thought hot pink or gray would be good because that's what we have the most of right now for clothes. Well I found some pink ones but they had velcro sides and the velcro I could  tell was just not going to stay stuck together when she played, so we returned those boots today and got gray ones with toggle closures instead. (We got these at Gordmans and they were only $12!! By far the cheapest boots like this that I've seen anywhere, and I looked all over haha. No idea how comfy they are, but  Raya seemed to like them ok.)

Hopefully they  aren't way too big  come cold weather. She's actually  a size 9 when measured, but we've been buying size 10 so that she has room to grow and she can still walk in them fine. But  the gray boots  were totally sold out in anything smaller than an 11 so we just went for it hahaha....she hasn't tripped yet ;-)

lastly, my necklace  came  today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is gorgeous---I'm so happy with it! It's 1000 times prettier than these pictures but  you get the idea ;-) My camera flash was washing out the color, but the copper sun is to die for and it's really  well made. Love it!

I definitely  recommend tag you're it jewelry on Etsy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We traded baby #3...

....for THIS:

Let me explain ;-) You see, when we bought our current home I did what most people do---planned out exactly who would go where and what  would go to each room. Since at the time I still planned  to have a third baby I thought that Brielle would eventually move into Raya's room and share, then Brielle's nursery would become baby #3's nursery, and the playroom was downstairs in the 4th bedroom....and my Etsy shop was in a corner of the downstairs family room area. Worked well for the most part.

....but then we scratched hypothetical baby #3 (sorry kid!) and traded him/her for a pool table hehe.  I still  want the girls to share a room while they're young, so in a few months when Brielle moves in to share with Raya then the nursery upstairs will be empty. I have decided to turn that room into the new playroom (frankly a downstairs playroom doesn't  work so well  anyways....they are always dragging their toys upstairs!) now with the playroom moving  upstairs the 4th bedroom downstairs is empty! So into the 4th bedroom goes my Etsy shop (yay for being able to close a door on my mess LOL), which now frees up a ton of space in the downstairs family room area.....and in moves the pool table ---to complete  the  man cave.

(We still have to put  up the silver trim edging around the outside)

The pool table doesn't cry, poop, or throw tantrums, so right now it seems to be an excellent trade ;-)

And that  my friends is the story of how hypothetical  baby #3 was  traded for a pool table. (Raya and Brielle better watch themselves---if they get to sassy I have some ideas of what I could trade *them* in for! LOL)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Survival of the fittest

I believe  in survival  of the  fittest.

So when I see my very solid 3 year old standing and walking  on top of my petite 19 month old I  don't think  much of it. Actually, I grab my camera LOL.  Because frankly, sometimes they need  to fight  it out a little  bit, and sometimes what *looks* like sibling torture is actually some super fun game they've invented that provides a good hour of entertainment :-P

Clearly Brielle "survived" and loved it! ;-)

Nothing else to report today  really. Yesterday my mom and I had tons of fun shopping for her birthday at the outlet mall. I got a few cute shirts for this winter and Grandma bought the  girls some cute stuff too! I also found a great sale at a book outlet and got 8 xmas books for $20, so we should now have plenty of books to get us through the Dec. countdown to christmas like we did last year! We were a few days short last year and had to substitute some basic  snowy type books, but  now we have lots of santa and reindeer and more exciting books to fill the month :-)

Here are a few other random photos from today...enjoy!

And now begins the "sweet smile" lol

Best I could do of them together....that little Brielle told me "no!" lol
Hope everyone had  a great weekend....happy Monday!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dressin' and stressin'

Yesterday the girls were doing  some dressin' up and  stressin' out! Can you guess who was what?

A couple weeks ago my Aunt gave us some of my little cousin Addy's dress up clothes. Raya LOVES them. She is partial to this little blue number haha

At supper time Lee tried to get Raya  to take this off so she could eat. She yelled  "no! My friend ABBY gave this to me Daddy!"  ....Not only  was she sassy as all get out (and given a stern warning!) but  I chuckle at the fact she changes Addy's name daily. Sometimes it's Gabby, or Abby, etc....never Addy though!
Getting ready to JUMP!

And what  was Brielle doing during all  of this? Well first off, she  was being naughty and picking at my flower  arrangement, which she knows is a big no-no...

After I told her "no no" she dramatically threw herself to the floor....

Then she got up and marched off...

She stood in the corner fake whining and making sure that  Raya and I were paying attention LOL

This carried on for a good few minutes, before she tried to run and throw herself to the ground again---but this time threw herself into the coffee table on accident and ended up with a big goose egg between her eyes. Seriously kid! (And you can see in the above  pics that she already had a small bruise  on her forehead from an earlier incident! She's  looking pretty beat up haha)
Lastly, don't  miss my update  from last  night about Raya's first ballet class!! And remember  I posted a sneak peek last  night of a modeling session Raya did playing dress up with a winter outfit she picked out of her  closet? Well  here are some more pics  from that session haha.

She was working that camera---she's such a diva ;-)

LOL...sticking out that  little tush! ;-)

Hope everyone's  having a great weekend!