Thursday, August 9, 2012


We had a blast at Adventureland today---thanks for taking us Grandma!!! But seriously, I've never been so exhausted in my life haha...I'm worn out! We had the most perfect weather though...low 80s for a high, which feels awesome after all our upper 90s weather this summer.

We spent the whole day there and had plenty of rides the kids could go on to keep us busy! Here are some pictures of our fun (Grandma F. did her best trying to take some pictures---but she has a knack for cutting off heads and blurring photos so I  am working with what I've got on some of these LOL ;-) Good tries though Grandma!

Getting ready to enter the park!

Brielle is on my other  side---both girls love the carousel!

This is one of those ski lift thingies  that takes you across the park...Raya LOVED this too, and rode it twice. We were just taking off here---it got high in the air.

They loved all the little ones that went in circles of course.

Fun times  with  Grandma!

Ladybug ride!

We found out Brielle could actually ride it without an adult, so she had a blast riding with Raya! She's definitely my brave girl....Harper didn't like any rides today, but Brielle loved everything she went on!

Brielle was often quite upset when she couldn't go on the bigger rides!

Killing time haha

Good thing that Grandma's tiny and can fit on some rides too! :)

This was the one ride I  was worried about for Raya. She doesn't like rides that make your stomach drop....

Seemed ok at "take off"

First "hop" or two we got a very worried look....

Losing it....

Officially lost  it! haha...the one  ride that she hated! Clearly Sawyer loved  it though :-)

This was a little kiddie ferris wheel...I squeezed my big butt on!

She liked this one---just looking at the scenery up high!

I took Raya on this log ride and she did surprisingly well. The huge rollercoaster part at the end she didn't like, but she only  whimpered a second and then was fine. Then I went on it again with Emily and Sawyer. Love the log ride!

Raya loved the t always

Sawyer had gotten soap in his eye at home this morning and all  day it bothered him. By the end of the day we started to wonder if he happened  to have pink eye! Hopefully  not!!!

Sweet girl

Harper and  Aunt Emily

Here's a picture of everyone squeezed in my van! Sawyer and Harper sat on either  side of my mom in bakc, then my girls, then Emily and me in front....tight fit but  we did it!

Raya  didn't want to leave at the end of the day---she said "but I love rides!" ....can't wait to go again, and next year Brielle will be old enough to ride even more! :-)


  1. Looks like such a fun day! I had to laugh though when I saw Raya's face while she was on the frog ride!

  2. How fun, I wish we had placed like that around us. Looks like the kids had a good time except poor raya on the frog ride...hehe

  3. Love the pics!!!! What a great day!!!! I went to bed early!!!!!!!!! The kids did great for such a long drive, that little Brielle is something else!!!!!! So funny at the end when Raya just kept repeating" I love Sawyer"!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. It looks like you guys had a blast! I wish there were places like that around here to go to! =)

  5. Haha looks like fun!

  6. Im so jealous! That looks like ALOT of fun :)

  7. Yay for Adventureland! That is only like 15 minutes from me! AND? We haven't even gone yet this year... :(

    1. Fun! My mom ended up getting tickets for $10 so it was worth our drive there for sure!


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