Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I'm  sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy ....and drawing a blank on anything to blog about.  And too lazy to upload any pictures.

But  I'm alive, no fear :-)

Anyone have something for me to blog about tomorrow? Ask me a question or want me to ramble on about something in particular? Please give  me suggestions if you have them!

And for now, back to the Etsy sweat shop, then reading a little 50 Shades, and then to bed....Goodnight everyone!


  1. you could co-host Thankful Thursday! I put it on my blog every single thursday and have been looking for someone to help grow it a bit!

  2. Go to and find a blog hop to join... meet new bloggers! It's fun!

  3. How about how your Etsy store came about? When did you start sewing/making clothes? How did you choose the store name?


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