Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dressin' and stressin'

Yesterday the girls were doing  some dressin' up and  stressin' out! Can you guess who was what?

A couple weeks ago my Aunt gave us some of my little cousin Addy's dress up clothes. Raya LOVES them. She is partial to this little blue number haha

At supper time Lee tried to get Raya  to take this off so she could eat. She yelled  "no! My friend ABBY gave this to me Daddy!"  ....Not only  was she sassy as all get out (and given a stern warning!) but  I chuckle at the fact she changes Addy's name daily. Sometimes it's Gabby, or Abby, etc....never Addy though!
Getting ready to JUMP!

And what  was Brielle doing during all  of this? Well first off, she  was being naughty and picking at my flower  arrangement, which she knows is a big no-no...

After I told her "no no" she dramatically threw herself to the floor....

Then she got up and marched off...

She stood in the corner fake whining and making sure that  Raya and I were paying attention LOL

This carried on for a good few minutes, before she tried to run and throw herself to the ground again---but this time threw herself into the coffee table on accident and ended up with a big goose egg between her eyes. Seriously kid! (And you can see in the above  pics that she already had a small bruise  on her forehead from an earlier incident! She's  looking pretty beat up haha)
Lastly, don't  miss my update  from last  night about Raya's first ballet class!! And remember  I posted a sneak peek last  night of a modeling session Raya did playing dress up with a winter outfit she picked out of her  closet? Well  here are some more pics  from that session haha.

She was working that camera---she's such a diva ;-)

LOL...sticking out that  little tush! ;-)

Hope everyone's  having a great weekend!


  1. These are pictures are priceless. Not sure what I like more though...Brielle's progression of pouting or Raya's modeling greatness. Sign that girl up, she could make Mama some cash with that look!

  2. You just gotta love Brielles tantrums!!!! She is just so darn cute!!! Raya just loves getting dressed up, does not matter if it is play clothes or her clothes!!!!Great poses!!!
    Grama F

  3. Dressing up is so fun! Reminds me of when I was younger :) and what is it with whining/attitudes from one and a half year olds??

  4. Raya looks like Cinderella in that dress. :)

    Poor Brielle; sounds like a rough day for her. :(

    Love the photo shoot poses!


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