Friday, August 10, 2012

Fashion stylist, part two

I'm still exhausted from our trip yesterday (see last nights post!) and now I have my girls' cold (ugh) today is going to be a lazy man's update ;-) This weekend is my home town's festival thingy, so tonight we plan to see Sawyer in the king and queen contest and then ride some rides, and then tomorrow morning we have a parade :-) I think tonight I am keeping Sawyer and Harper for an overnight while their parents go out should be a busy  weekend! Then on Sunday we have a picnic/reunion for my mom's extended's usually pretty fun and it's at a park and pool so we'll probably go swimming if it's nice.

There is my weekend run down!

....and now, as promised, here are some things I've been drooling over for Brielle, since I shared Raya's wish list a couple days ago.

First off, these are all things that  are only up to 24 months....I feel like since Brielle's my last kid and soon I'll never be able to shop in the infant section again, I should maybe enjoy it one last season before she outgrows it! We'll see though, because she has so many hand me downs she doesn't need anything at all.

...and also heads up, Old Navy has a one day only sale going on today! 25% off you order (excluding jeans and everyday steals though which made me mad because I wanted those colored jeans for Raya! haha....but  I did get Raya a couple things from her wishlist--I'm holding out for a sale on those jeans hehe). Also if you sign up for emails from Old Navy they send you a code for $10 off a purchase of $50 or it's always free shipping over $50...*and* gap is doing a 30% off sale now, and they share a shopping cart with Old you could go on a fun shopping spree to both stores and save a ton of money today! :-)

I didn't buy this, but  I'm drooling over this for Brielle

The colored  jeggings for babies  are only $9 though! The dress is $20 which is why I'm not getting it :-(

This is also old navy

I love that sweater shrug! Walk away Shawna, walk away.... ;-)
And at Gap they  have adorable  bubble shorts with attached tights! Be still my heart haha

Brielle would rock  this!
And for infants  they have  the most adorable logo sweatshirts---I wish they came in Raya's size too!

And at  Gymboree they have a cupcake  line out for infants right now...I love  the hat and the blue would look awesome on brielle

And these overalls are to die for!

And lastly, I feel  bad about knocking the boy clothes the other day, so here's a peace offering lol. Honestly they do have quite a bit of *infant* boy stuff out that is quite cute. I'd almost be willing to have another baby just so he could wear this stuff from Old Navy--owls!!! ....ya know, if said baby didn't need me to actually raise and care for it haha....just dress him up ;-)

This is all  baby gap---another acceptable baby boy outfit ;-)

Big  boys is where I struggle people. Other than the basic tshirt and jeans look they do have a lot of "funky" and cute in theory boy  stuff out! But  I still feel like if a boy wore this stuff to school he'd have the crap beat out of him haha.

But assuming you homeschool (lol) here are a couple of my picks for non boring boy outfits

All Old navy....I like the idea of boys getting to have fun with colored jeans, but just not  sure  it'd fly in my area at least! For the under 5 crowd I could see them being super cute.

This outfit is pretty school friendly I think...I love the railroad pants and thermal shirts are so soft! Also old navy.

And here's my Gap pick  for boys....although I'm not sure colored skinny jeans could be pulled off by too many bigger boys ;-) Love the vest and boots though!
Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. Loving the whole second outfit from old navy and both of those outfits from Gymboree are adorable. I love those overalls too!!

    1. You should get those overalls for the new baby ;-)

  2. Don't worry---I have a 3 1/2 year old boy and you really have to just grin and bear the t-shirt and shorts look:) I try to find some cute shirts, but it really isn't that exciting;) But maybe cheaper!


    1. Yes, I'm sure it's definitely cheaper! Luckily they do have tons of funny/cute boy shirts out---just a bummer there isn't more variety for boy moms!

  3. Love all your choices! I went shopping tonight with my mother in law and got a ton of new stuff at Old Navy! Kohls was having a huge sale too. Emma is set for school to start now! =)

    1. I heard from someone else too that Kohls was having a good sale---now I want to check it out! lol

  4. Love all those outfits for Brielle, she would look soooo pretty in them!!!!! Super cute boy outfits!!! (Not sure Lee would go for any of them!!!)
    Grama F

    1. It's great that we never had a boy...because Lee doesn't care what the girls wear, but it'd be over his dead body that I could dress a boy in anything fun! lol


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