Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy 19 months (a little late :-)

So Brielle was 19 months old on the 11th...a little late, but better late than never right? ;-)

When I think about Brielle being 19 months old all I can think of is the fact that Brielle was born when Raya was 19 months old....wow. I mean, I guess perception is everything, and at the time with Raya I didn't think much of it, but now with Brielle I simply can't imagine bringing home a baby right now....Brielle is still a baby! haha. As I've said many times though, I love that Raya and Brielle are so close in age, but at the same t ime I'm extremely glad that I  get to continue enjoying Brielle as my youngest and I don't  have to go through months of tv and cheerios for  her while I'm constantly feeding and caring for a new baby!

As far as 19 month stats, Brielle has  officially outgrown size 12 month now! She's a pretty solid 18 months now....and most of our winter stuff for her is size 24 months (hand me downs from Raya) and when I held them up to her the other day they still look so huge....so we'll see what I can make work! Actually the 18-24 month size for tops is ok, it's the pants and dresses that  are way too long on my little shorty :-) She is in size 5 shoes and size 4 diapers. She takes one nap a day (usually 12:30-3) and she sleeps all night long (8pm-6:30/7am). She's forward facing in her  carseat now this month and she can now do shorter trips without a stroller or diaper bag (yay!). New moms are so excited to carry diaper bags, but I celebrate it's death lol. I now stick two diapers and a baggie of wipes in my purse and we're off---sweet freedom! She eats well with silverware, can drink from a straw, can climb anything and at the park she plays on the "big kid" equipment and leaves the baby section in her  dust :-P

Milestone wise the big development  this month has been LANGUAGE! Wow, she's had quite a language boom. I don't know if it was getting the tubes in her  ear (she can probably hear better now) or just a coincidence, but she now repeats pretty much anything you ask her to say. She says "mom-meeeeeee"  all  the time, and  it's usually  in a squeaky little whine voice lol. When she wakes up in her crib she goes through the list of people who might come to get her ..."mom-meeeeeee, dad-deeeeeeee, gram-maaaaaa"  ....and her favorite word by a mile  is "no!" ...she  says this with great force ALL. DAY. LONG. As far as multiple word phrases she doesn't say a ton yet...but she does say "there it is!" when we're looking for something and then find it haha.

Now for some pictures from yesterday, to document her 19 months....enjoy!

She was in a modeling  mood again lol...I think she likes the attention she gets when  she's being cute for pictures!

Trying to figure out how the  whole pose thing works hehe
Raya of course got jealous then and  wanted in on the photoshoot

She just keeps getting prettier as she gets older!

...well, except for these crazy smoosh faces haha

Yesterday Raya dressed herself. She told me, "you can't  go in my room, because it's MY room. Only I can."  ....ummmm, excuse me?! Anyways I  threw a jean skirt on her when we went to the post office so that it looked like more of an outfit---Note to self, hide everything except specific put together outfits so that  she can  pick  her own stuff and still where what I like! ;-) 

And like the diva poses here?

I was chasing her and saying I was going to pinch her  butt lol...it's a favorite game of  hers

Ok,  now stop it  Mama...game over :-P

Did I mention that Raya  is all signed up for dance class?? Yep, she starts this Friday!! She has to wear a pink leotard, pink  tights, and pink  ballet shoes....so I'm ordering those and they won't be ready yet for Friday so she'll just be wearing normal clothes. But when I get her  cute pink  stuff  I"ll take pictures! She's super excited to start class :-)

At 19 months Brielle still has puppy paci! ...and monkey, which remains paci-less :-)

Here's to the next 19 months! :-)


  1. Happy 19 months Brielle. Loving her posing pictures, such a cutie! Sounds like shes doing great. Its so nice not to carry a diaper bag now, although I'll have to start carrying one again soon!

    I'm thinking of signing both Kaylee & Keira up for dance, but Keira has to be 2 first. Little girls in pink leotards, so adorable!!

    1. That's cool that you have one that'll take 2 year olds! All of them around me start at age 3.

  2. Happy 19 months to Brielle! I love her photos! She sure is becoming quite the little model. :)

  3. Happy 19th months Brielle! =) I love the picture of her and Raya, and Brielle is giving her a funny look! It's super cute!! =) Can't wait to see photos of Raya at dance! =)

  4. Happy 19 month birthday to my pretty pretty Brielle!!! Love love love how she tries to model now!!!! How funny that Raya wants to pick her own clothes now , and does not want you in "her" room!!!! Love Rayas' dancing pose!!! Also love the last pic of the girls reading together!!!
    Grama F


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