Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Lee turned  32 today...he's an old man! ;-)

So  this morning the girls did a birthday  photoshoot so that we could post a birthday wish on his facebook page....here are some of our "takes"

^^^And notice  their  bows? Well you know me...I looooove dressing my girls in things that stand out--not your normal off the rack items. So personalized hair pretties are right  up my alley, expecially with Raya  starting school I just think it's fun to have personalized and monogrammed stuff ;-) You probably remember awhile back when I got some felt clippies  with "rayana" on them....and I love those! But the other day I saw these monogrammed hair bows and knew the girls needed  them! I got them each a set of 3...and they are so cute! I highly recommend checking out the Etsy shop beloved bows  ...these are the "infant" size, but if you like a  giant bow they have bigger ones too. And they really  aren't any more  expensive  than the  bows  you find at Claires and such!

Here's a little better pic of the bows from yesterday when they wore them

Ok, back to the birthday celebration. I don't ever  really buy much for Lee because frankly, when you're married and share money it always feels a little strange to me to buy a gift for the other person...even though I technically have my own money I'm still using "our" money to buy the present. And anyways, he buys whatever he wants when he wants it, so there isn't much left to get him ;-)

So today I just let Raya plan our "party"! First we went to Dollar General where she picked out a Dora balloon for Daddy haha....Brielle thankfully got him a Happy Birthday one :-P Then Raya shopped around for the perfect present. She almost bought him a dinosaur, then a bouncey ball, but finally settled on a two pack of nerf dart guns...she said Daddy got the blue one and she got the green one haha.

Then we went to DQ to get an icecream cake. Raya immediately picked out the Dora birthday cake of course! At this point I stepped in and encouraged her to get the camo birthday cake, which she (begrudgingly) decided to get.

Here is Daddy with his balloons and nerf gun!

For supper  we had  chicken on the grill,  corn on the cob, and mashed  potatoes.  Yum!

Then after supper and baths I did a spur of the moment hair cut for Miss  Raya ;-) You know me, I'm partial to bobs (or shorter!) on little girls for some reason haha. I mean, I can appreciate a good pony tail or long hair, but personally I just think that little girls in bobs look so cute and "stylish"...like they have a big girl haircut instead of the generic preschool ponytail that everyone else has lol. So anyways, I gave her a bob and layered it up...it's still  wet in these pictures but trust me, when it's dry it's super cute! So  glad to have the bob back....she will rock it at preschool for sure.

Putting candles  on for Daddy!

Singing Happy Birthday to Daddy

Now  if only Miss Brielle would get enough hair so that I could  cut her a real style too! ;-)
Happy Birthday  Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy birthday to your hubby. Cute outtakes on the girls. I'll have to check out those bows. All the girls may need one

    1. Since all your girls share the same initial you have it made! :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Lee!!!! I love Rayas hair in a bob!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby! The bows are super cute!!! And I LOVE Raya's hair!! I love bobs on little girls too =) Emma never had one though, because my hubby loves her curls and it being long. But she is wayyyy over do for a trim or cut! =)

    1. Thanks! Yes, Lee prefers it long too...I just don't listen to him ;-) Although if my girls had curls I probably would leave it longer too!

  4. Happy birthday Lee! I love their pictures with the signs. They did a good job holding them up :)

    Kyla needs some new hair bows, perfect :)

  5. Happy birthday to Lee!

    You made me hungry... ice cream cake and corn on the cob!

    And, I love those hair bows.

  6. Ha, I feel the same way about gifts for hubby! Only I always play it out in my head like I'm going to get him something and then I just don't, for the very good reasons that you listed here. Or, we buy something expensive around his birthday and call it his gift.

    I wish I could cut hair like you do! S needs one but I'm too scared to do it myself and I feel silly taking her to the hairdresser, especially since I know I won't like what I pay them way too much to do!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one!

      I think the first time I cut Raya's hair was closer to age 2. It scares me a little to cut baby fine hair because it isn't as forgiving of mistakes lol. Once it's thicker then it's a lot easier to do!


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