Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to my mom!

Grandma F (as she's known on the blog), or Grandma Donna (as she's called by the kids), has a birthday today!

Sawyer, the inventor of the "sweet smile", has started and trend amongst the cousins....but sadly he is the only one who can pull it off without looking like a weirdo :-P And where was the 4th grandchild during our little shoot? She was off to the side, throwing a tantrum because the photoshoot wasn't *her* idea---not so sweet afterall now is she?!

And here are some others that  I took. If you think getting *four* children of these ages to sit in a certain order, hold signs, keep the signs visible, look at the  camera, and smile is hard then you would be right! ;-)

(We) Love (You)  least  the  two key words are  there :-P

....found Miss "You"  ...she is so stubborn

I thought moving to the step and changing the order  would reset Brielle's bad  mood and get her  to participate---I was wrong!

So happy birthday  mom! Sunday Lee  is watching the girls so that mom and I can go shopping at the outlet mall for her birthday--yay!

Everyone should comment and wish Grandma F. a happy birthday!! :-)


  1. Happy Birthday Grandma F!!!

  2. Too cute, happy birthday grandma f

  3. Happy Birthday Grandma F!!! Enjoy your day on Sunday! =)
    All the photos of the kids are tooooo cute!!!! =)

  4. Happy birthday, Grandma F.! Have fun shopping!

  5. Thankyou everyone !!!! Are my babies the cutest in the world!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  6. LMAO at the first picture!!!

    Happy birthday to your Mama!


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