Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hometown fun

Like  I  said in my last post, this weekend was  my hometown's yearly  festival. You may  remember  last month when our current hometown had their festival and I posted parade pics, etc? Well now this weekend it's the town next door's turn--my childhood hometown :-)

So Friday  evening the girls  got dressed and we headed down to watch the big King and Queen competition. I use the word "competition" loosely though, because it consists of 4 year  olds who live in the town getting up on stage and then names are drawn out of a hat randomly to choose the big winners ;-) And guess what?! Our very own Sawyer  was chosen as runner up King! (or as first loser as some were saying lol). Anyways, he got a special sash and kept telling everyone he he was quite exccited haha. Then the kids all rode rides and topped the night off with corndogs!

Here are some pictures of Raya struttin' her stuff before we left Friday evening---she was looking adorable, as always!

Rest assured she did  *not* wear those boots out! haha

Bustin' a dance  move ;-)
So after the festivities last night I brought Sawyer and Harper home with us to have  a slumber  party! Sawyer enjoyed his diet coke and "movie" and we lived the good life haha.

Then this morning I had breakfast with the 4 cutest kids in Iowa!

I  guess Harper doesn't let Emily do her  hair  at home, but when she work  up this morning the first thing she said was "TWO ponytails Shawna!"  haha....good choice Harper, good choice :-)

And then this  morning we headed to the parade---Sawyer actually rode in the parade with the other King and Queen contestants.

There he is!

Sawyer's cousin (on his  other  side of the family) is the cutie in front wearing the hat :-)

Grandma is  getting everyone set up with their candy catchin' bags!

Fill 'em up!

....still need more candy

Harper gave up the candy catching early,  and was content to sit alone and eat her goodies LOL

This was Raya's  dress in case it looks  familiar to long time readers :-)

Watching the parade!

Brielle kept handing mom a peice of candy to open, and mom kept putting it back  in the bag....finally Brielle just threw her bag on the ground in disgust and stared at it haha.

She got her  jelly beans....success!

Pretty girl :-)

Grandma and the King after the parade!
Fun glad we moved back to  the area and get to have so much family time!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!! I love hometown celebrations! Ours is at the end of September! Can't wait for it! =)

  2. How fun. I wish we had fun things like this in our town.

  3. It was good seeing you! I still laugh about how i thought to myself "raya has that tunic" and low and behold, it was raya! Your girls were cute as always! I really do love the monogram bows. Where did you get them again?

    1. Good seeing you too!

      The bows were from the shop "belovedbows" on Etsy :-)

  4. I just love having all my family close!!!!! I have the cutest grandbabies!!!!
    Grama F

  5. Looks like you had a great time! I hadn't even thought about the parade, but that would have been a great activity for the kids. Can't believe how big everyone is getting!


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