Saturday, August 18, 2012

Iowa State Fair

We had a great time at the fair today! I have more pictures, but my Lightroom editing program is suddenly acting up and I  have  no idea why---it keeps saying it  cannot read my pictures or open them....grrrrr.

So here is one picture for now---how cute are they?

Raya is  an amazing big sister. They fight  some, but truly I  would say they  get along better than 90% of sibling sets. Raya is so attentive and helpful. Today at the fair she (completely unprompted) lifted Brielle up to see some animals and she said "Sissy is too small  to see!"  ....I mean, how sweet is that? :-)

Today she also hear my mom say something like "oh, Brielle is going to want more corndog I think" ....and Raya, once  again completely  unprompted, walked over and offered Brielle bites of *her* corndog.

On a non fair related note, Raya also likes to go into Brielle's room when she's crying after waking up in the morning or after nap. I am usually a minute or so behind Raya and I can always here Raya go into Brielle's room and say "It's ok Brielle, mommy's coming, it's ok" and she just stands at her crib rubbing her head or arm <3 day she even started feeding Brielle cheerios from her own bowl, pushing them between the crib rail slots....and when I came  in she said "sissy was hungry so I'm feeding her"  ....seriously kid, you are too sweet!

I'll post more  pics of our fun day after I figure out what is wrong with my Lightroom! Later!!


  1. Aww.... all of those things are so sweet! What a great big sister!

  2. They are absolutely adorable together. Love the photo! =)

  3. I've never been to the fair, but I've heard that it's super huge and amazing! I think my boys would love that sort of thing, so we may have to make a plan to go next summer. Glad you had a good time!


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