Friday, August 24, 2012

Little Ballerina

This afternoon was Raya's first  dance class....and  let's just say she LOVED it!

I told her to do a ballerina pose---clearly this kid is a natural ;-)
She is  required to wear a pink leotard, pink  tights, and pink shoes---so I ordered all  that  through the studio today during class and she will be able to pick it up at next week's lesson. Don't worry, I'll  have her model it!! For today I just  dug for some things in our closet to create something that was slightly  ballerina-ish, so that  we could get some first day of class pictures :-P (She did tell  me this wasn't  very pretty LOL...she was expecting the pink  leotard I think ;-)

Look at that balance
Parents  aren't  allowed  in the dance room during the lesson, but  Raya didn't mind! She ran right  in and within 15 seconds was "dancing" with the other little  girls (and one boy ;-) in her class. I think there are 9 of them today in her section. I did peek in the window once at the beginning and saw her  doing stretches---so was too cute. There  is a family observation day in like Oct. I think when I can watch the class and take photos, so stay tuned!

After class Raya ran out to me and her cheeks were all could see she had gotten quite a workout dancing! I was so glad she loved  it. And after class she told me "one  girl stopped dancing and stood there" ...and I said "oh,  why?" and Raya said "because  she was tired. I didn't stop though....I  just looked at the girl and kept dancing!"    She's quite  dedicated already---or simply excited to tattle on someone else ;-)

We  had  to  do ballerina  hair as well. Raya  LOVES hairspray haha...she should have been born in the south I think ;-) She gets so excited for me to spray her down and then she "pat pat pats" her head until it's perfect. She usually finishes with a look in the mirror and declaration "I look AWESOME!"

After class we went and had  DQ icecream. She was eating her  icecream and said that this was the best day ever LOL. I had to quickly explain that *every* Friday after dance class will  NOT be icrecream ...only  today since it was a special first  day!

Then when she got home she told Daddy all about class and gave it a thumbs  up!

(That's her  thumbs  up, in case it was unclear ;-)

Glad you enjoyed your day Miss  Raya! Mama  is  happy to slave away in the Etsy sweat shop a little  extra to pay for what is sure  to  be your first  class on the way to becoming a prima ballerina <3
And just  as an extra bonus, today  Raya wanted to dress up in some winter  attire...we're  both excited for  cold weather clothes! This vest she wore last year, but it's still  plenty big! She wanted her owl  hat  to top it off too. I think we'll  pair this look with jeggings and brown boots...she is too  stylish ;-)

Sassy pants ;-) I've  got other pics from this  "shoot" to share later!
So in conclusion we have dance  class, hairspray, dress up,  photoshoots, and sassy poses---I  think  it's safe to say I got my girlie girl---and I'm loving it!!!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that Raya loves dance!!!! And the pictures are adorable!! =)

  2. Cute pictures. Glad she had a good time. Love that last outfit

  3. Way to go Raya!!! I can't wait to see her in action!!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. Isn't it so fun having a girlie girl? She is seriously so stinkin' cute!


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