Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One down, four to go!

Today we were down to only four kids...."only" lol.

This year  I  am watching Sawyer and Harper every Tuesday, and since I will  be driving Raya to preschool on Tuesday mornings, and then picking both her  and Sawyer up from their different preschools, I needed 4 carseats---so John and Em are providing me with two more to keep in my van. Which means we can take outtings! :-)

So today we went to the park. I didn't want to drag my camera  along, so instead  I thought I'd get an adorable picture of them all standing in the kitchen ready  to go....

Kind of funny, but  today I was busy with the other  kids and Raya wanted to get dressed so she helped herself to her closet. She then came running into the living room and said "does this  look pretty together?!" She did pretty great! Considering she had to dig through her shorts pile and actually  find something that matched the shirt.

Harper says what the heck?! :-P

And where  was Brielle during all  of this?

She was at my feet telling me "No!" every time I  asked  her to stand for a picture----and crying. What a dork lol
Remember last  spring when Harper was on a naughty kick and hitting, etc.? Well Miss Harper is my new  favorite now....she's turning 2 in a couple weeks and she's so good now! Brielle is now in that naughty stage vacated by Harper....please end soon :-P

Speaking of Harper  almost being 2, today  Emily asked me to take a picture  for her party. So I did a 5 minute photoshoot while everyone else was inside and prayed for the best haha. I got a couple funny  ones ;-o

When we went to take picture Harper stuck out  her lip and  said  "no birthday  Shawna!" hehe...she wasn't into the photos.

Can't believe  she's almost  2 already!
And lastly, today I  ordered myself a necklace---I'm so excited! So anyways, I had ordered Emily a necklace with Sawyer  and Harper's names on it a couple Christmases ago, and I loved the two tone metal and kind of pounded metal look....but  I didn't want the exact same one and I also wanted to wait until I was done having kids, so that I didn't have to turn around and buy another one right away!

Well since deciding I was done with two I've  been keeping my eye out for the perfect necklace, and today I found it:
Since I  sing this  song to the girls every nap time and bedtime, and they  freak if I  don't!, I  thought it was absolutely perfect.

They can add names, so I  am having them  put Raya in the top part of the sun, and Brielle on the bottom---as shown in this picture

So anyways, I'm sooo excited  to get it! If you want to check out the lady's Etsy shop, it's here Tag You're It Jewelry

Tomorrow I actually have my girls  only! I think we might hit the Children's Museum :-)


  1. Oh my gosh you must have your hands full! Lol I bet it's fun though! And your necklace is beautiful! I just got one a few weeks ago, mine is a little different, but it has Emma's name on it with her birthstone and I love it! =)

  2. Wow Harper is almost 2 already. I remember when she was born. She is too cute. Have fun at the museum if you go

  3. it will be fun hearing about you juggling 4 crazy kids. always makes me think if I really want more! haha

    That necklace is adorable :D and sounds just perfect. I love meaningful pieces like that!

  4. Your right about Harper, she is such a good girl now and sooooo easy to watch!!! Hopefully Brielles stage passes fast!!!!! Love the neckless!!!( You are my sunshine is my song though), when I started singing it to Sawyer when he was born I never dreamed I would be singing it 4 times at nap time!!!!!
    Love Grama F


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