Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Preschool personal shopper :-)

I  live in constant fear of the day that Raya declares she no longer wants to dress up and look cute. You know, when she suddenly only wants to wear jeans and a tshirt (gasp!)....when she wants to dress like me (noooooooooooo...I  have no style!) haha. Ok, so maybe I'm being a little dramatic lol...but it's no secret that I am obsessively in love with all things girlie when it comes to my girls! And recently it's become very clear that at least for now, Miss Raya is 3 going on 13--a diva and true fashionista! I don't  know whether to be insanely happy and proud, or terrified  ;-)

One example was last night after I cut her  hair. When I was finished she demanded to look  in the mirror---at which point she said "I look so different! I'm so pretty!" and then she twirled and stared at her reflection ---no joke.

This morning I  told her it  was time to get dressed, and since it's a little  cooler out we put on one of her fall outfits---nothing new, all  stuff  she wore last spring. But I was happy to get the jeggings out again haha. Well Raya immediately said that since it was raining she needed her  boots, and she proceeded to pick  out rain boots that coordinated perfectly, and then she said "these are perfect!" and pranced around the house. And she was right---they were the perfect addition to her ensemble :-)

She was telling me how she was  going to splash  in puddles---her favorite  thing to do

Rockin' that new bob today!

Goofy girl
Today I asked Raya what we should do and she said "go shopping?" I said maybe, and then she said "for what?!" ....and I said maybe we could find a little something for preschool (meaning like an accessory or something) and she said "hmmmm...or how about food?!"

Leave it to Miss Raya---food is always  on her  mind! I think she's  going to have to pick  between her  love of food and her love of fashion soon----because sadly the two don't go together very well haha.

So we did go into  town....just  to play at the mall and I  needed some onesies for my Etsy shop (which is now reopened again by the way----check  it out here! No Paparazzi Please )

Well while out I  of course just wanted  to window shop all the adorable fall/winter fashions  they are starting to bring out ....and while  in Children's Place Miss Brielle, believe  it or not, made her  first fashion decision haha. She found a pumpkin hat and put it on her head, and then proceeded to yell "hat! hat!" and if I tried to take it off her head she cried "no, mine! Hat!"  hahaha. It was so stinkin' cute. (why is that sort of thing cute  when they are little, and not when they're older? haha). Well I do love a good pumpkin hat for fall and the one she wore last  year  is way too small, so I told her she could get it. At which point Raya was devasted that they didn't come big enough for her (luckily Brielle has a small head so she can still wear them in the infant section!) then Raya found the hats in the older section and found a purple owl hat and put it on and then said  "this one....this one is perfect mommy"  lol...I have no idea where the new "this is perfect" phrase came from!

But anyways, alas we left with this:

A day spent  in town and only buying two cheapy hats is good in my book! Thank goodness my Etsy shop is going again---and the mustache shirts are flying off my shelves ;-)

So anyways, since I (painfully) exercised self control while out today I  decided to do some virtual personal shopping for you all haha. Here are some of the looks I'm drooling over for Miss Raya:

Everything from old navy.  So far old navy has the cutest stuff out in my opinion! I'm in love with yellow right now. And Raya really prefers to wear dresses and leggings more than anything else.

Old  navy again. I love  the  mixable dresses and leggings. The dress on the right is a thermal dress....we had a thermal old navy dress last year that I got second hand, and it was our favorite! Soooo soft.

The owl shirt  is Gap, the others are Old Navy.  I'm in love with their colored skinny jeans, but figured there was no way they'd  fit Raya. We tried them on today though and the 4T fit great! Even had some room to adjust the waist a little smaller. I think we may have to buy some eventually ;-)

Everything Old Navy, exccept the stripes are Gap. I  think all  these tops would look awesome with the yellow skinny jeans. I tried  the sweater on Raya today just to see the fit....I think if we ever bought it we'd do a 5T, because you can roll the sleeves up and it then shows the contrast polkadot pattern from the cute!

And lastly, I've been looking at a website where people talk about  kid fashion and  post pictures of their kids wearing the help others see what it looks like in real life and get an idea of fit. Anyways, it's fun to see the cute stuff and drool over these people who either have huge credit card bills, or are insanely rich LOL.

Here are some Gymboree outfits people put together, that I love!! Maybe I'll  eventually find these in my favorite secondhand store next year ;-)

I  also like these---the  one on the right is Crazy 8s owl line out right now---I can afford Crazy 8 so I might watch for sales and buy some ;-)

Hope you all  enjoyed our fashion finds today! haha. Sorry boys, if you're looking for tips I would suggest jeans and a rotation of tshirts and button ups---you're all screwed based  on what I saw out lol ;-)

Maybe  later this week I'll  do a virtual fashion show of things I wish I could buy Brielle!


  1. I almost did a preschool clothes post for tomorrow. Hehe. Loving all the stuff from old navy, so cute. Gymboree has adorable outfits but they are so expensive. I'll have to check out crazy8.

    1. lol...great minds think alike! Yes, Old navy has adorable stuff out and reasonable prices. I can't believe how expensive Gymboree stuff is to start! I sometimes find good sales, but usually I buy it second hand. Crazy 8 is great---watch for the sales and it's cheap!

  2. I just ordered some things online from Old Navy over the weekend and I wanted that owl shirt for R, but unfortunately she has grown out of the toddler stage of clothes. :(

    Raya did look super cute in her outfit, and W is the same way... ALWAYS hungry. Actually Joe's grandma & grandpa said they are changing her name to hungry because she has constantly said it while they have been out here. :)

    1. Bummer! It's sad when they outgrow a section and then the thing you want is in the other size!

  3. I just ordered a ton of stuff from Old Navy online the other night! I'm loving their stuff out right now. And I had a coupon so it brought my price down to really cheap, which is even better!!! =) I love the yellow and grey dress from Old Navy you posted...but Emma is getting out of the "T" section and into the girls section. Kinda makes me sad. But I wonder if that dress would still look good a little shorter with leggings? What do you think? =)

    1. I will say they run LONG....I bet you could get away with it! :-) I held up the 4T to Raya today in the store and normally she can sometimes get away with a 5T, but in that dress the 4T was mid plenty long and big.

      Jealous of your coupon! I never get them anymore for some reason!

    2. That is good to know! I'm going to have to make another order tonight to Old Navy! LOL =)

  4. I just love Rayas' hair!!!! That style is "perfect" for her!!! She probably got that word from me, I'm always telling the babies they are perfect!!!!!! I'm afraid you guys are going to out grow that house soooooon with the girls wardrobes!!!!!!
    Grama F

  5. I am currently online looking at old navy now for the girls... thanks for that! hahaha :)

  6. I love the rain boots and the hair cut! I have been in the mood to go shopping so bad the last couple of days. I think I'm going to venture out this weekend to Old Navy and there's a new Carter's store right next door now. The closest Children's Place is like 45 minutes away so I might skip that for now. The only problem is we get so many clothes from Gianna that Tyler thinks I shouldn't buy Kyla anything new. But it's so much fun! I love that we get hand-me-downs, but I still gotta buy a few things :)

    1. Just buy a few things and tell him they were hand-me-downs....he'll never know! ;-)


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