Monday, August 20, 2012

State Fair, continued....

Figured out how to get my pictures on here now :-) Enjoy the  random pics from our fun day at the state fair! (My mom came along too because she hasn't  been to the state fair in years she said!)

We're lucky  in that  Raya couldn't have  cared less about the rides....she just wanted to see the animals! And looking at animals is free---so great bargain LOL. She was such an angel all day---she just walked around and looked at animals for hours.

No idea why this calf looks  so skinny and sickly in this picture

Before  we got the the fair Raya was telling  us about the monkeys and hippos she was going to see haha. No surprise, we didn't happen to run into any of those at the fair :-P

We did watch baby chicks hatching though!

Love Raya's wide-eyed face in this one haha

Brielle was saying "duck!" 

My mom had been  walking  and  holding Raya's  hand...Brielle  got jealous and insisted that  Grandma hold *her* hand too LOL

She  also thought she was hot stuff riding on Daddy's shoulders :-)

The big boar

Giant bull

Watching  horses

The girls were fascinated with the sweet treats behind the glass in the 4H hall haha. Brielle  tried to eat them :-)

Damn point and shoot camera haha...the girls are all blurry, but I thought it was cute anyways

Wearing Daddy's glasses!

Grandma treated us to the one ride Raya really wanted  to go on...the skylift! Lee stayed behind and watched :-P

My mom said Raya  talked her  ear off up there haha

Me and Brielle

The  girls got nurse hats...and posed with  my mom the nurse!

They  also met Clifford the big red dog!

Giving him a high five :-) They weren't scared at all....time for Disneyworld soon I think! hehe

"wow, bee hives are amazing!"

"so is  mulch!"

Walking with her  sassy pants on ;-) Such a little  diva!


Yum :-)

Asleep within 2 minutes on the way home!

When we finally got home Raya said she wanted to watch a show---she  said "It's been a long day!" lol
Can't wait to go again next year!


  1. I love the photos! Looks like a great fair! The photos of Raya & Brielle sleeping are sooooo stinkin' cute!

  2. We had such a fun day!!!! The girls were sooooo good, Raya is just such a sweet little girl!!1 She loves her animals. I found out we missed the dollhouse display , it was on the top floor of one of the halls, you vote for the best one, we will need to find that next year!!!!
    Grama F

  3. What a fun day!

    That ice cream made me hungry; we may just have to make a trip somewhere to get some tonight since I am a free woman! :)


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