Monday, August 27, 2012

Survival of the fittest

I believe  in survival  of the  fittest.

So when I see my very solid 3 year old standing and walking  on top of my petite 19 month old I  don't think  much of it. Actually, I grab my camera LOL.  Because frankly, sometimes they need  to fight  it out a little  bit, and sometimes what *looks* like sibling torture is actually some super fun game they've invented that provides a good hour of entertainment :-P

Clearly Brielle "survived" and loved it! ;-)

Nothing else to report today  really. Yesterday my mom and I had tons of fun shopping for her birthday at the outlet mall. I got a few cute shirts for this winter and Grandma bought the  girls some cute stuff too! I also found a great sale at a book outlet and got 8 xmas books for $20, so we should now have plenty of books to get us through the Dec. countdown to christmas like we did last year! We were a few days short last year and had to substitute some basic  snowy type books, but  now we have lots of santa and reindeer and more exciting books to fill the month :-)

Here are a few other random photos from today...enjoy!

And now begins the "sweet smile" lol

Best I could do of them together....that little Brielle told me "no!" lol
Hope everyone had  a great weekend....happy Monday!


  1. Aren't sisters just so much fun? :)

  2. Kaylee & Keira do the same thing with each other. Too cute

  3. I love the photos of Raya pretending to step on Brielle! The look on Brielle's face is priceless!!! Sooo cute! =)

    1. Oh, she wasn't "pretending"....she was really walking on her!!! LOL Apparently Brielle has abs of steel ;-)

    2. Hahaha! They are so adorable =)


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