Sunday, August 12, 2012

The best age

So while laying in bed this morning for some reason I started thinking about my "favorite age" ...and decided to do a post on it today! lol. Let me know if you all agree or disagree!

Newborn-1month (The calm before the storm)
So yes, you are sleep deprived, but in general I think the first few weeks are kind of a honeymoon period when you have kids.  For one, you are still on that new mom high---you know how before baby comes you sit in the nursery so excited and think about how you won't be annoyed getting up at night because you'll love them so much blah blah blah? Yeah, that high carries you through ---and also baby is still in that sleepy drunk stage where are long as they are fed and changed you can kind of coast start thinking "hey, this motherhood stuff is not nearly as bad as people make it sound!"

(And  yes, I'll accompany this all with some pictures :-)

Raya as a newborn:

Still sleepy and new :-)
Brielle as a newborn---too busy trying to open her  eyes to really cause  too much trouble hehe

1month-3months --- The dark ages

This is my very least favorite age that I've experienced thus far. Now certainly you may have the occassional parent  who lucks out with an extremely easy going baby, but  in general I think this age kinda sucks lol. It's all work and no play! Baby tends to be fussy and needy---if it's your first baby and you are OK with letting the house go to hell you make it through by feeding and holding baby constantly. Baby is too little to play or do much so it's a very boring time as well. You don't want to leave the house because baby could have a meltdown at any time. Thankfully babies this age continue to be cute, or else mine probably would have ended up on craigslist ;-)

Here  is Raya, doing a lot of crying at this age

I  always thought around 6 weeks was the absolute worst!
Like I said though, still cute at least haha

4-6 months-- The  light at the end of the tunnel

You start to think you might not eat your young after all! haha. Baby starts to play with some toys and get on a better schedule. You start to leave  the house again.

We will let baby Finn illustrate this period

6-12 months (or whenever baby starts walking) -- The heavens have parted and the angels sing! :-)

This is my FAVORITE age that I've experienced so far. Baby can sit on his/her  own and play with toys, they tend to be content and happy much of the day, take at least 2 good naps, are happy to sit in a highchair or stroller with some puffs and rattles....FYI, take lots of vacations and eat out a lot during this time!!!!!!!!!!! haha. This is also the best age for pictures---baby can't get away from you, is cute and chubby and, if you could keep kids at this very specific age forever I'd have more ;-)  And this is also probably why I got pregnant with Brielle when Raya was 11 months....because during this time you are feeling so great about your great baby that you think you might want another!

Here are some pics of Raya during this age (I felt  like going back  in time farther than Brielle to pull out some old pictures :-)

I also refer to this age as  the bucket age----you could plant Raya in front of a bucket  of toys and she'd sit there for an hour not bothering anyone at all! (I will say this glorious stage was shorter for Brielle because  she was a crawler and walked a lot sooner! Mamas, do NOT wish for early walkers!)

1 year --- The terrible twos come early!

The terrible  twos are one of the biggest  parenting myths I've ever encountered....because the 1's are so much worse! At this age baby can walk and get into EVERYTHING. He/she probably can't talk a whole lot or reason very well---so tantrums are plentiful and bribing is impossible. They no longer  will sit in a highchair or stroller so once  again plan to lock yourself in at home---going out will not be fun anymore! As always, cuteness is really their only saving grace ;-) At this point if you, like me, got pregnant  during the "angels are singing" period, you are now  probably thinking to yourself "oh shit, what have  I done?" haha

2 years -- The twos aren't  so terrible!

By two things have calmed down again some---you are probably about potty trained during this year, which tends to be a nice change. Your kid has better language and reasoning skills so you can talk out issues helping to eliminate some of the more stupid tantums of the 1's. You can also start using bribery, a personal parenting favorite of mine ;-) Your kid is showing interest in activities so family trips to the zoo, pool, etc. are becoming more frequent. All in all I really don't  mind the 2's all that much! If you missed your earlier "angles are singing" window, you may start considering another baby during this're starting to feel good about your parenting again haha.

Since Brielle isn't 2 yet, here's  Raya :-)

3 &4 years -- The bipolar years

Obviously the  oldest I've experienced personally is 3, but I have a pretty good handle on 4 from Mr. Sawyer as well as my years of nannying and babysitting experience. These years you swing from one day of pure bliss to one day of pure hell---hence the bipolar years ;-) You have the benefit of incredibly language skills, which makes your life easier in many ways. But  with it comes lots of attitude and the smarts to be defiant and stubborn. I love this age because it's like you get to hang out with a real person, and they can be so fun and FUNNY! But then in the next second I see glimpses into the teen  years and I want to crawl in a hole and hide lol.

5-9-- the Elementary School Years

Of course now  I'm predicting, but I do have tons of experience with this age so I am fairly confident in my prediction that this will be my most favorite  age of all! I love this age, especially for girls (what I happened to have a couple of ;-)   ....this age has it's fair share of arguing and such of course, but in general kids this age still love their parents and think they are pretty cool---little girls this age love crafts and you get to do all the fun school stuff. YOu get to do dance and Girl Scouts, or whatever they are interested in---before things get insanely clicky and competitive. This is the best  age for taking lots of fun family trips before everyone starts getting involved in their own stuff or thinking it's not cool anymore. I'm so looking forward to this age!

10-12 -- The tween years

I'm on the fence for this age....I hate all the mean girls stuff that is starting to take place now---the attitude is back  to bipolar. But yet depending on the kid they still often like doing stuff with their parents and can be really fun at times too.

13-18 ---The teen years

This is also known as the "you're going to live with Grandma" period lol ;-) I am not looking forward to this age---especially with girls. The drama, the  eye rolling, the boy/girl sagas, the bathroom time, etc....if  I can make it through these years without jail or pregnancy I'll be happy haha. (As much as I enjoy a little Teen Mom on MTV, I don't have any desire to star on that  show :-P)

So what  do you all think---agree or disagree?


  1. Love this post! And I have to agree with your statement about the "bipolar years"! Super true! I never had an issue with Emma going through the terrible 2's. =)

  2. i love how you said the 3's are the bipolar years... i couldn't have said it better myself! Love it!

  3. I love baby stage period!!!!! I do agree I like it when you can reason with a toddler!!!!! I can't believe Raya has grown up so fast with Brielle right behind her!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. haha, love this post! and so true about not wishing to walk to early...hudson started walking at 7 months so my "angles singing" stage was practically non existent. I have on many occasion wished he would have walked later in life. Lots later.

  5. This is such a great post! I am looking forward to the calm before the storm stage coming very soon :) And I'm happy to hear that the "terrible two's" aren't really that terrible!


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