Thursday, August 23, 2012

Things I loathe

Today I watched  Harper while my mom was  at an appt. and Sawyer was at his first day of preschool. Brielle clung to me and whined the entire  time because she's so jealous of Harper. I LOATHE that.

This afternoon I had a dentist  appointment. They scraped my teeth and it made that  horrible grinding nails on a chalkboard sound.  I LOATHE that and I LOATHE the dentist.

Then I went grocery shopping while  my mom watched the kids. I LOATHE grocery shopping. I never make or take a list and then I randomly grab things, because  I hate meal planning. Actually I LOATHE meal planning ;-)

Raya no longer  is afraid to get out of her bed. She doesn't call for me when she wakes up...instead  she flings open the door and runs out of her room looking for me. I can no longer go in and say "nap time isn't over" because she's already running w ild through my house. I LOATHE that.

I would  like a maid, because  I LOATHE deep cleaning my house. And really, as fast as the kids  mess it up what's  the point?

.....things  I  don't  loathe, but  LOVE?

Well I LOVE that Raya  has  her  first dance class tomorrow!

I LOVE that I've  been  staying on top of my Etsy orders this week.

I LOVE that Old navy started a 25% off sale today, so that I could buy the matching hoodies that just came out:

Owl  for  Raya, Monkey  for Brielle---can you say perfect? Or actually  LOVE :-)
I  LOVE that I get  to  go fall  shopping for myself at the outlet mall with my mom for her  birthday on Sunday!

I  LOVE that  my girls continue to be insanely adorable.

I  LOVE that now I'm  craving oreos and actually  have some to eat after  my grocery trip today!

Basically,  my  day has been  a LOATHE/LOVE sorta day ;-)


  1. LOL. I loathe going grocery shopping too!!
    Those hoodies are super cute!

  2. I went grocery shopping tonight, which I usually dislike very much but Emma was in such a great mood there it was great! haha Love the new Old Navy hoodies!!!!! =)

  3. Fun post!

    I love those hoodies!


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