Monday, September 17, 2012

Feeling Fallish

The cool weather was here today--and it's making me feel very Fallish! :-)

Fallish weather means  sweater hats, in case you were unaware....

Perhaps we were slightly overdressed  for grocery shopping  at Walmart this morning ;-)
I LOVE fall! So  I made up a little "bucket list" of things I plan to do this fall season:

ha! Just  realized  they  don't like  my spelling  of Pinterest ;-)

Most of  my list  is self explanatory ;-) But #2 is because we have  tons of apples still to use up! And as much as I love apple crisp I don't want to gain 40 lbs this fall haha. So I think we'll try some applesauce next haha.

For #4, I am struggling with Halloween costumes for the girls. For one, I made their  costumes last year (or put the together with hodgepodge stuff anyways) and this year  I really  just want store bought costumes :-P Frankly I'm too busy to mess with homemade and I know the girls will  play dress up with the storebought ones after Halloween so it's not a huge  waste of money necessarily. That said, Brielle is so tiny that she almost need baby costumes, but  she's walking obviously so trying to find tiny costumes for walking toddlers is a little harder. That, and I would like to dress them  alike or as some sort of "duo" but  Raya is really fighting me on it....she wants to be a "princess" !!! ( overdone ;-) But alas, it  *is* for the kids so I guess I should let her be what she wants. I"m trying to convince her that witches are cool---because I like those costumes  better---so far she's not buying it though.

Something along these lines would be so cute on the girls!

We'll  see what I can do :-P  I also thought about having Raya be the wicked witch, and Brielle be Dorothy from the wizard of oz ;-) The blue dress on Brielle would be to die for! But I haven't found any tiny Dorothy costumes  I like. Also, since Raya went  as the devil last year, and Brielle an angel, I worry about giving Raya a complex always making her the bad guy in their duos LOL

For #8, I  did have my first pumpkin latte of the season at Barnes and Noble  yesterday...yum :-)

For #14, well I  don't drink coffee in the summer usually, but when the weather turns cool I usually get re-addicted to my morning coffee hehe

And for #17, the girls have finally branched out from white milk and water and will  actually drink frappachinos lol...but  I'm hoping to maybe get them into hot chocolate this  fall...I  <3 hot chocolate on cold days. Brielle loved it when I was pregnant---I craved it all the time!

What  fun things do *you* all  have  planned this  fall?

And to end, some more pics of my girls in all  their  adorableness today. And no, you probably won't be seeing any repeat outfits now for quite awhile as we go through their fall/winter wardrobes lol. (Well, I guess Brielle's dress is from last spring--little peanut is still  wearing 18 month!)

Raya was trying to make her  smile ;-)

Grandma F, that  is the hat you bought Brielle---she left it on all  morning!
And finally, Miss Raya being  the little  model  she this sweater dress--a new fav outfit  of mine!

Happy "Fall" day! :-)


  1. Love the list and the pictures.
    That last picture of raya is adorable

  2. Fall is my favorite season too! It is so hard for me, but I am not decorating this year since we have most of our stuff just stored out in the garage or over at one of Joe's stores since we want to buy a house soon.

    I love #14! I just started drinking coffee this past week again. :)

    And, the girlies look stinkin' adorable in those outfits! I bet everyone at Walmart was commenting on how cute they were.

  3. I totally love fall!! It is definitely my favorite season. I love being able to go outside with jeans, long sleeve shirt and boots or sneakers and being comfy!! I decorated the inside of my house with all my fall stuff the other day!

    Emma is going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween!!

    And the girls outfits are absolutely adorable! They are so cute!!

    1. Oh man, I'm so jealous she's going to be Dorothy! Tonight Lee lectured me about how I need to let the girls pick their own costumes haha...I'm screwed ;-)

    2. I'm really terrible. Brian and I were at Walmart the other day and he showed me a costume, and I was like, "Pffft she's not wearing a walmart packaged costume." He looked at me completely disgusted! haha I had to order the outfit on Etsy. Now i'm in search of red sparkly shoes!!! =)

    3. lol! I'd probably put more effort into their costumes if we did something cool for Halloween...but usually we just go around one local neighborhood and that's the extent of our dressing up, so we're probably going the packaged route. I however agree that I'm trying so hard to stay away from the really obvious/generic costumes! Hoping to find something storebought that is not Target/Walmart....

  4. OMG!!!!! Those girls are just toooo cute, love the hat on Brielle!!!
    Grama F

  5. Alright... I would LOVE to know where you got Raya's hat and dress. I haven't picked out my girls winter hats yet, so I'd love suggestions!

    1. :-) Her hat is from Gymboree...under the "kid girl" section and then the "smart and sweet" line. It's $14 right now, but you could use a 20% off coupon from Parents magazine or wherever. FYI it does run slightly small---Raya is wearing the 5-7 year size.

      Her dress is Gap but I scored that on ebay awhile's a old line from last year maybe I think. It's the "northern brights" line in case you want to search for one. They are usually pricey though I think---I just lucked out and got this one for $7!

      Also though Children's Place has tons of cute theme hats out--like owls and cats and cupcakes etc. And I think they are maybe like $8. Hope that helps!!

  6. The girls look precious! And what a fun fall list!

    Savanna is going as Minnie this year, kinda boring but the kid is OBSESSED with "Ninnie" so it seems appropriate. And her costume is 100% store bought. :)

    Okay, off to find some sweater dresses online...

  7. I love Raya's dress! My mom said she bought Kyla a couple sweater dresses from Gap last night so I can't wait to see them! I need to get Kyla a cute hat too. I have a hand-me-down jacket for her from Gianna, but I really want to buy her a new one. Not sure I can convince Tyler that she *needs* a new one. But then I can find a cute hat to match :)

    Oh, you have me quite obsessed with kids clothes! Yes, it's all your fault :)

    1. haha...sorry, it's a sickness that I like to spread ;-) Brielle's 12month coat from last year still fits with plenty of room I don't think she'll be getting new this year.

      Can't wait to see Kyla's dresses!


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