Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tiny Dancer

Like I  said in my  previous post, we are gone at the big  H family reunion! But I scheduled this post to update automatically while I'm gone so that  you have some cuteness to get you through the weekend.

On Friday Raya had her 2nd dance class---and this time her dance gear was in so she looked the part! Couldn't resist showing you her pink leotard fasion show ;-)

She's more DIVA ballerina than prima ballerina ;-)


She had another great dance day! And this time Brielle and I walked up the street to share a frappachino while we waited lol. Raya had no trouble  staying at dance by herself---she loves the other kids! I even peeked in the window once and saw them pairing the girls up with partners, and when Raya was told who her partner was she immediately grabbed her  hand so they  could hold hands ---awwww :-) She just loves her "friends" and  loves her dance class! ....and she's over  the moon excited about preschool starting Tuesday!!!! Such a big girl now!

Be  back  soon!


  1. She looks sooooo cute in her dance outfit!! Hope you are enjoying your reunion! =)

  2. She just looks so cute in that outfit. I am so glad she is enjoying it. What a sweet little girl she is... grabbing her friend's hand. :) Looking forward to hearing how your reunion was.

  3. What an adorable little dancer!!!!!
    Grama F


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