Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A healthy breakfast to start your day.

This morning when Emily dropped off Harper she said "I asked Harper what she has for breakfast at your house and she said goldfish crackers"  ...and I said "no we don't Harper!"  (because clearly goldfish crackers would be an unbalanced start to the day for these little  angels---the children are our future  after alll! ;-) 

So no Harper, I'll  go on the record as saying we do not eat Goldfish crackers for breakfast!

.....No, we only have sprinkle donuts---everyone knows that!

When the big kids  are at preschool we really  know how to live  it up! haha

Shhhhh, don't tell  your mom! ;-)

Speaking of big  kids at preschool, here's what  Raya wore!

My parents had  found this  Gymboree skirt at Goodwill or something awhile back---and sometimes things like that dont' get worn much because I don't  have any tops to go with it. But then I discovered that  this Gymboree  top (from a totally different line) is a perfect match! Boots are Target.

Miss Brielle was  wearing a hand-me-down shirt (also Gymboree)....as you can see she  is definitely the cutest  pumpkin ever! :-)

Lastly, here are a few recent Etsy shop projects.

Big brother with his twin sisters :-)

New Xmas design

My cousin's  little  girl is having a Minnie birthday and asked if I could make a shirt--Raya saw this and now wants one! (She doesn't care that it isn't her birthday lol)
Is anyone else FREEZING?! Seriously, cold and rainy all  day---I heard we'll  get down into the 20s tonight--brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


  1. Oh we never have doughnuts in our house for breakfast either!!! haha =)
    I love Raya's outfit!!!
    And as far as it getting cold out, it's cold here too and I don't like it =(

  2. Yum!!! I am obsessed with doughnuts!!

    And those shirts are adorable!!

  3. Rayas outfit is way to cute.
    Loving the brother / sister shirs so cute
    It's cooled off a lot here in CA too

  4. Oh man, that might be my all time favorite Raya outfit. I love everything about it!

    And I seriously might let Kyla have a Minnie birthday party just so I can have that shirt for her. Must. Have. It.

  5. Raya really is becoming quite the model! That outfit is super cute!

    W saw the Minnie shirt and about freaked! :)

    We had a gorgeous day here, sunny and 60.

  6. I had forgot about that skirt, cute,cute cute!!!!!
    Grama F


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