Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Art Museum

Welcome to our art museum!

Feel free to "pin" my gorgeous fridge! haha. Whenever I see pictures on Pinterest of kitchen ideas, etc. I always laugh to myself because clearly those people do not have  children. Between the magnet toys and the art work you can barely see my fridge!

And seriously, what do you guys do with all your children's artwork?! These paper plates are what Raya and Brielle made this morning alone. That's not counting the millions of little scribbles we get sent home from preschool.

I've been trying to hang the items up on the fridge for one day and then secretly throw them away, but Raya is starting to remember and notice when things go missing. A few times she's gone to throw something away in the garbage and discovered her artwork....and then she gives me this heartbroken puppy dog face and says "Mommy, why did you throw my beautiful artwork away?"   .....crap.

 So is there something I'm missing here? What  do you guys do with it, or discreetly get rid of it? I was thinking maybe I need to designate 2 magnets for artwork and she gets to choose what  to keep and what to throw away...and  let her  be in charge or rotating it. BUT when I've suggested that in the past she doesn't  like the idea of throwing anything away at all :-P

Here are some pics from art time this morning

Her  fingers  are stained won't  come off!

Besides art time today  we played freeze dance. OMG, Brielle freeze dancing was HILARIOUS! She'd wiggle and dance and then I'd say FREEZE! and she'd get in these really strange poses and make me laugh and  laugh!

Outfits today  are  really old Gap jeans and an old navy size 6-12 month dress for Brielle  (We're having a one day heat wave here and I really don't have much for short sleeves that hasn't been packed away!) Raya is wearing Naartjie that I bought used for next spring...the capris are clearly pretty big right now, but once again I had packed most the other warm weather stuff  away :-P

Bye everyone!


  1. I always get Kyla's do-a-dot paint off her hands in the warm bath. I freaked out the first time, but then it came off fairly easily :)

  2. We have a drawer next to the fridge that the artwork goes in when it's time to rotate. She isn't old enough to be offended, but I figure I'll go through it at the end of each school year and only keep the really good stuff.

    I've also seen ideas (probably on pinterest) involving somehow turning them in to coffee table type books - maybe on snapfish somehow? With a scanner, or from a photo of them?

    1. Yes, I've seen the book idea and have already started taking pictures of the "good" artwork to do something like that down the road...I love that idea!

      ....however Raya is convinced that each and every scribble she does is unique and frameable I haven't been taking pics of those. Maybe if she sees me take a picture though I'll convince her it's ok to throw away!

  3. The big boxes that have nice lids that you would find in an office or school having paper in them is what i use to store all of cams school work. I litteraly save everything and sokeday he can decide if he wants to throw it out. At that time i will choose what i want to keep n do away with the rest. Every now and then if he colors something scribbled or i can't tell what it is i might pitch it. But its rare.

  4. I got a plastic box to put Emma's artwork and special school work in. We hang things up for a while, and then it goes into the box. BUT, I do throw quite a bit away. The only thing that goes into the box are things that Emma really loves. I really hate to throw her stuff away, but really you can't keep every little thing they bring home. So all the special stuff is definately kept!

  5. I am just starting a project I saw on Pinterest for the very same reason. I threw a couple pieces of art away and Mariah discovered them and cried!

    I have a BUNCH of old picture frames, so I'm designating a wall on the steps down to our basement as a picture wall. I'm paiting the frames different colors and putting pegboard in each of them so we can just pin up each piece and switch them out as necessary! When they are all full, she'll be the one to decide which one we get rid of when we have another "piece of art" to hang up. Hopefully, it works!

    1. Definitely post pics on your blog when you have that done---sounds cute! :-)

  6. Oh my goodness, I have thrown away so many pieces of "great" artwork, only to have the girls discover it and ask how I could dare throw it away, haha! :)

    I bought a board and saying from Uppercase Living that says, "Look What I Made!" but I still haven't put it together. I can't decide what color I want to paint the board and then I wished I would have put "we" instead of "I" on it. Once it's together though, there are three clips for them to put up a piece of artwork. I thought I would just have them choose their favs. and put it up each week.


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