Friday, October 19, 2012

Ballet-- Observation day!

So I can't  hardly  even bring myself to post  these pictures  because they make me so mad lol. Today was observation day in Raya's ballet class, so it's the first time I've actually seen her  in class. I wanted to take  some pics  obviously, but  I  decided not to bring my nice  camera because I was going to be dragging Brielle *and* Finn with me, in the rain, etc. and didn't want to risk breaking the camera and adding to the crap I had to haul already (and  OMG, Finn's carseat is so heavy! lol)

But the little point and shoot camera could not handle  dance much movement and most pictures ruined by blur and fuzziness....crap! Oh well, next time I'm bringing my nice camera!!

So here are a couple  pics I  salvaged, if you can even make them  out...enjoy!

(There are normally 9 kids  in her  dance  class---we were missing people today.  Also, no idea why she had her skirt pulled up so  high today! lol)

I'm surprised she's the shortest  in her  class!

This  little girl is the class helper/assistant "teacher"

Partner skipping lol

They played freeze dance  (like  freeze tag sort of) and all  the other  moms died  laughing over Raya.  She was so hyper and she'd spin and dance  and  scream  "Hi Mama! Look at me, I'm dancing!" ....over and over again every time she ran by me haha. And then when the  teacher would say "freeze!" Raya would freeze and "pose" for my camera LOL
In other news, I survived my day today  with 5 kids just barely  haha. Seriously, I'm  was not fun! The worst part was loading  all  5 kids into  my van to do to dance  class. You see, after I agreed to watch  Finn today then my brother asked if I could watch Sawyer and Harper because he was going on a fishing trip. I said NO, it's too much work haha.  But then he searched and couldn't find anyone else to watch them so he said he'd pay double and begged  and pleaded lol. I finally agreed but  said no way was I taking all  5 to dance  class, so he said I could drop Sawyer and Harper off  at their other  Aunt's house on my way to dance  class.  ....but  that  meant fitting 5 carseats in my van! He decided Sawyer could sit in front (he looked it up and I guess it's legal, although not recommended...but at this point I think John was willing  to strap Sawyer to the van's roof if it meant he could still go fishing :-P) that's what  we did!

Check out my full  van

Harper  is  sitting behind Finn

Sawyer up front...he thought he  was pretty hot  stuff lol
Lastly,  a few randoms from today...

Finn is such a big boy now compared to last time I watched him!

But  goodness, Brielle is only what, 21 months? And I've  already forgotten the craziness that is baby proofing! haha. We have no signs of babyproofing in our house other  than a gate on our stairs....and I sold everything related to containing that meant I followed  Finn around today as he tried to eat Barbie shoes and Littlest Pet Shop dog bones, etc. ;-) I  was going pretty good until he ate a page out of our library book when I turned my back  for one second!

Yum :-P

Today Raya  and Sawyer ran  wild because I  was busy with the babies....they decided  to play dress up

Raya had a big  poofy skirt stuck  under there :-P
 Brielle didn't  play  dress up, but she did look  like a pretty adorable  panda bear today in her  little outfit!

T.G.I.F. everyone! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Love all the pictures! I think the dance pics you posted came out good!! And I don't think I would ever be able to handle 5 kids!!! You did well =)

    1. Well, the craziest part is that it's 5 kids ages 4 and under haha. If the ages were more spread out I think it might be easier!

      Although *I* survived my poor house did not. I think I will have to clean for 2 days to put it back together LOL

  2. Holy cow, high five to you for watching 5 kids!!! Raya looks like she really likes dance class. Finn has gotten so big

  3. Too cute! I love it! I remember when I was an RA we played an ice breaker game called slow motion ballet tag. I'd completely forgotten about it until you mentioned the game they were playing.

    And five kids? Holy buckets!!

  4. Oh I wish I could have been at dance!!! I can just hear Raya showing off to mama!!!!
    Grama F

  5. wow you are BRAVE! 5 kids... HELLZ NO! And Raya looks soooo big and old, I didn't even recognize her. What a pretty little lady!

  6. Oh my! Raya is so adorable at dance class! And look at how used to posing for you she is! :)

    Uh-oh - the library book! Yikes! I am terrified of librarians so that would have scared me!


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