Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blast from the past

Today my  mom sent me  home with two  old flower girl dresses of mine and  a few old dance  costumes from when I took Jazz in Middle School---she thought the girls  could maybe use them to play dress up.

Well, Raya was REALLY into it tonight and insisted on trying everything on and taking pictures  haha.

Here  is a comparision picture  of Raya and I wearing the same flower  girl dress...weird! ;-)

Clearly Raya  gets her looks, as well  as her wild personality, from her dad! haha
Here is the other flower  girls dress (I actually kinda like this one...maybe this spring I'll  have her wear  it for  pictures in a field or something...I think it could have a cool vintage vibe! Obviously without the white tshirt underneath)

And here are a couple of my Jazz costumes lol

Brielle tried on a hat ;-)

And  to help  combat all of this 80s and 90s fashion goodness, here is what  Raya wore to preschool today! Walmart skirts.

She keeps doing this  weird face for some reason!
I wonder how  many  years it'll  be before Raya and Brielle look back  at my pictures and laugh at how silly  I dressed them? haha. I  need to keep a few outfits so that they  can have *their* kids try them on for comparision pics too!

Lastly, here  were the girls yesterday, looking super duper cute for our trip into town.

...and wish me  luck  tomorrow everyone! Because I will  have my two  girls,  Sawyer and Harper, AND Finn all day tomorrow.....God help me, this could be a very loooooong day! lol


  1. I think the same thing when my girls get bigger and look back at what I dress them in..hehe

  2. This post makes me laugh but also makes me sad, how fast time goes by!!!!!
    Grama F


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