Monday, October 8, 2012

Children's Books

The girls are driving me  INSANE today, so here's a quick  update with some of our very favorite books--in case  anyone wants to plan a Christmas wish list or maybe  hit up the library :-)

This one has been  a favorite for over a year, but I'd say in the last couple months Brielle has become obsessed lol. She squeals and screams when we get to the part that say "fum, foe, fie, fee, monsters don't eat broccoli!"  :-)  Raya loves finding the funny little pictures, like the monster  licking the stop sign, or trying to eat a rocket out of the sky with a fork. Really cute book--and  it rhymes, which I always like!

Lee's  mom always gets the girls holiday themed books, which is a fun surprise for them. When Raya went to visit this weekend Grandma H. gave her a Dora Halloween book, and  also this Little  People one---the  girls LOVES these flap books. And there are so many flaps--plenty to look at! Awhilie back  Grandma H. gave them  a Noah's Ark flap book  just  like this, and it's been a favorite ever since. I'd suggest any of these Little People flap books--they are really sturdy too and have held up well to my girls. (and they  are pretty big too!)

This board book  is  another  OBSESSION! We checked  it  out from the library when  Raya  was little and she loved  it. So then I bought it for Brielle in her Easter basket and we read it  probably 20 times a day until I hide it because I simply can't  take it anymore hehe. There are hardly any words---it's  one of those  books that you ad-lib a lot and the pictures are great. Brielle loves saying "night night!" to each  animal and then she SCREAMS when the lady wakes up and sees the animals  in her bad lol. Highly recommend this one!

Both  girls  love Dora, but they  have multiple box sets for all  kinds  of characters too--- Caillou and Fancy Nancy are also favorites here. These box sets are a great bargain compared to  buying them individually, and the girls  love carrying the little cases around with the handle. Brielle is now really good about not  ripping pages too, so that's  nice! We are pretty much moving away from buying board books in the future, other than the lift the flaps and such.

Pinkalicious  is also  a big favorite! Not only are  these  books super girlie and fun, but this "original" is about  cupcakes! haha. There are also lots of other off shoot pinkalicious adventures that  the girls like, and also spinoffs like Silverlicious and  Purplelicious, etc. (probably butchering the  spellings there ;-)

Along the  lines of cupcakes, Raya loves this one too (it's above Brielle comprehension,  but  she  still likes to pretend to eat  the cupcakes haha). This one is pretty entertaining for the adult reading as well, which is always nice.

Source: via Micky on Pinterest

We will  just  share  one more  today---we  love all  the Llama Llama books,  but  this  one is the  girls' favorite. The love it when  he throws  the big tantrum in the grocery store expecially haha.

So, what  are *your* favorite  kids books? Please share! :-)


  1. We have a pinkalicious book, but ours is with a unicorn...the girls love it.

  2. All of those are cute book =)

    Our favorite kids books at our house are:

    Pete the Cat (this is read *at least* 10 times a day) haha
    Goodnight Moon & Goodnight Maine
    And get this, The Polar Express. Usually in most households the Polar Express is packed away until Christmas time...Well not in our house. It's out all year round. It is by far Emma's favorite book. I finally had to hide the DVD, so we can actually look forward to watching it at Christmas time instead of the middle of June! haha =)


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