Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall photoshoot with vintage feel

I  lied haha.  The girls *were* driving me insane this morning, but I  ended up taking them out in our backyard for a fall photoshoot, so my earlier update from today is now 1 of 2 ;-)

Their  outfits  are none other than Naartjie. These will be their Thanksgiving outfits---I  LOVE them. Like obsessively in love haha. They have all kinds of wonderful materials and textures--the skirt part of the dress is corduroy. The pants you can't  see well  in the pics but they have patches of different material on the bottom flare part  of the leg. I  die. I wanted  colors they  could continue to wear all winter  long, and I think the dusty purple and berry colors are perfect. (I scored these outfits during a Treasure Tuesday sale---in case you didn't  know, every Tuesday Naartjie puts a few items on a special sale for that Tuesday only--at 40% or more off.)

The sun during this photoshoot was KILLING me. Ugh, I have such a hard time shooting in the bright sun. I think they ended up turning out ok though after I edited them. I wanted the edits to have a vintage feel because  it felt more fallish to me :-)


Catching sun flares are very "in" right now  in photography. This was my first attempt. I kinda like  it :-)

I like  everything about this  photo except the expression on her face haha.  Oh well---neither girl was being very cooperative  today!

She was mad because I told her not to eat a berry lol
So overall a cute mini fall shoot---about as good as I can expect with these two right now! lol.

Don't  miss  my earlier  update from today as well!


  1. these are too cute. Loving their outfits and the editing is great!

  2. Those turned out so cute! You have the best back yard for fall photos :) can I come take some pictures in your backyard?! haha.

    And those outfits are adorable...makes me want a girl. lol

    1. haha...I am going to be sad when the farmer harvests the field behind our house because then our fall photos are all over!

      Hudson needs a sister I think ;-)

  3. I LOVE these pictures!!!! And seriously, your backyard is pretty much to die for! I'm totally jealous! I love the girls outfts too!! =)

    1. Thanks! I was glad I was able to edit the pics to save them...the shadows were so harsh yesterday!

  4. Vintage processing and fall definitely go together. It just makes them seem almost magical!

    And those outfits are freaking adorable!


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