Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Fashion

It's no secret my girls have an insane number  of clothes in their closet....

but did  you know that their *dress up* stash is going to be giving their normal clothes a run for their money soon? lol. My mom keeps finding all kinds of costumes for like $2, so she's been picking them up so that my girls can build an awesome dress up clothes stash!

Today the girls played with some more of their new costumes

A wizarding wizard!

Snow white (wearing the safari explorer hat from another costume haha) and some pink  princess (not sure if its supposed to be a specific one  ;-)

A witch! I'm wearing this trick or treating I  think
Wanna see random adorableness now?

Raya is wearing more Naartjie today--- oh how I <3 it :-)

 And Brielle  is wearing  Gap, Treehouse line from a few years back. Found the jeans at consignment and the sweater used online---so now I have a matching set and should be able to easily sell it for at least what I paid--love it when I basically get to "borrow" clothes :-)

We've still  got a lot of snot today---so excuse the glistening upper lip :-P
And lastly, my arthritis is acting  up again---my poor knee! I had it drained a couple months back and it seemed to "work" but t hen  the last week it got bad again. Thankfully the doctor my mom works for squeezed me in today to have it drained again.

I appologize for the following picture if it grosses you out, but I thought  maybe I should visually show that I'm not talking about a little bit of a "sore" knee...I'm talking about chasing after my children with a knee that is as big as their heads ;-)

In case it's unclear, the swollen knee  is  on the left haha :-P
And with that  lovely visual I leave you all today! You're welcome.


  1. How fun to have all those dress up costumes. Oh wow your knee looks painful...

  2. Brielle looks soooo adorable in the wizard costume!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. I LOVE their dress up clothes!!! I have a blast watching Emma dress up, and i'm sure you do too =)

    Oh my word, your knee looks so painful =( I hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. Ouch, that looks awful! Kyla still has the snot filled face too. She actually managed to get some on her forehead today and then all her hair got stuck to it. Lovely, right? Haha.

  5. Your poor knee!

    I absolutely love all the dress-up clothes; it looks like our house! :)

  6. they look adorable in their costumes! It was so hard to pick what GG will be for Halloween, so that's great you have so many costumes because they're all so cute! Hope your knee gets better soon =(


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