Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Party 2012!

You may remember last year  when I had a little  Halloween party at my house for some kids and stay at home moms I know. Last year we did the party actually on Halloween---you can see that  blog post here  .  Well this year we did another party! For some reason I have trouble  tracking down other moms who want to party it up lol...but we had a couple groups who were free today and could come over :-)

Here are a few pics...enjoy!

I turned our water table  into a playdough table :-) Seemed like the least messy option for a party! The  babies thought it was a jungle gym haha.

My brother  dressed his kids for the party. He did follow my suggestion to do black  and orange, but poor harper in her orange legging carpis and black and yellow top lol...I had to help the girl out and lend her a skirt haha.


Aren't you jealous you can't be here to party with this crew?! :-)

Halloween is so spooky!

It  was g reat way  to kill the morning and get some adult interaction as well! Already decided we need to do one for Christmas I think :-)

And to end on this wonderful FRIDAY, a few random pics from past days I haven't shared.

The other night the girls helped daddy clean up our leaves!

The other day it was so cute...Brielle laid her babies on the coffee table and said "night night babies"....and then next thing I know she's fumbling around crawling up there herself and saying "night night me" LOL. Then Raya  joined her and they all went night night on the table!

Speaking of "night night  me"....when Raya was  little she always referred to herself as "Ray Ray"....but Brielle rarely refers to herself in 3rd person....she refers to herself as "me"'s so cute.

And  finally, last night both girls ended up sleeping on the couch in weird positions at two different times haha.

First was Brielle, who fell asleep in the car on the way home from grandmas, and continued to sleep once I laid her inside

And then Raya passed out on the couch during her tv show before bed lol

Well  that's all I have for you today! And guess what? Today is me and Lee's 5 YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! 5 years down, can't believe  it! My parents are keeping the girls on Sunday so that we can have brunch at my favorite restaurant, Granite City, and then we're going to a movie I think. Any time kid free is a good time, so I'm excited  LOL :-) Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Looks like the kids had fun.
    Happy Anniversary

  2. Happy Anniversary to you guys!!!!! =)

    The Halloween party looked fun!!! =)

  3. Happy anniversary ! Have a good one! ~ Anu

  4. Looks like a fun day!!!!! Happy Aniversary you two!!!!!
    Grama F


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