Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, 2012 !

Happy Halloween from the most  adorable  pink  monster/ mermaid sister  duo you ever did see! :-)

When you ask her what a monster says she goes "rawr!"

I'm sorry, but I  just can't  get over how stinkin' adorable this  is. I mean, cutest trick or treater ever, am I wrong?! :-)

And we can't  forget our little mermaid hehe

Mermaids eat monsters!
Chasing Daddy and trying to eat him!


Our little beauty.

Daddy's  girls

Mama's loves

I  can rock a wig/witch  hat combo ;-)

Daddy the cowboy!
We ran into  our friend Becker (who is like 1 month older than Brielle)...and he happened to be a monster  too! Monster  love at first  sight?

Well, maybe *love* is not  quite the right word :-P

Brielle likes  to play hard  to get hehe

And we're off! My hometown does a "Halloween Town" on main stree and you can walk around collection candy from the different  businesses. Great  for little ones! Grandma F. got to join us this year too :-)

Brielle wasn't scared if  it meant getting her paws on candy!

Raya helped  to cast a magical spell on some potion!

It was a scary world out there tonight!

This was called "the kissing booth"

After we walked around down town we took  the girls door to door in a nearby neighborhood as well. Got tons of candy (good stuff too! Candy bars, packs  of gum, toys and stickers, etc. ---good neighborhood :-) The girls had so much fun!

This was the first year  that  both girls were old enough to really walk  around and trick or treat...I'm absolutely loving this age as they get bigger and we can embark on all the fun stuff without babies  cramping our style---a memorable Halloween for sure!



  1. Super cute, I love Brielle's costume.

  2. Too cute!!! I love Brielle's monster costume, how adorable!! And Raya looks super cute as a mermaid as well! =) Glad you guys had a great Halloween!!! =)

  3. New follower from Amys blog (MrsMommy)

    Your girls are just too cute looks like a fun Halloween


    1. Thanks for stopping by! Hope your little one had a great Halloween as well :-)

  4. I almost got Kase the same monster costume as Becker, but I couldn't justify spending that much when he can't move. I love it! I love Brielle's more because let's face it, a monster with pink is awesome. I have no doubt that she was the cutest trick or treater in all of Iowa :) And seriously, I can't get over Raya's wig, haha.

    1. Yeah, Becker scored his costume used they said---good find! But true that pink is better hehe :-)

      I know, Raya's wig kills me!

  5. They both look adorable!! I can't get over Brielle's costume, especially the boots!

    1. Thanks! The boots were gymboree that I found on ebay. Now that Halloween is over I need to make her wear them every day until she outgrows them I think lol :-)

  6. They are both stinking adorable! I love to see all of these little kids with super long, fake hair.. it's like a glimpse into the future, only hopefully with a more natural color. :)

    Looks like they had a good time!

    1. haha...I know. It was fun to see what she looked like with bangs too! :-)

  7. Adorable! Love both costumes!!

  8. New follower from Mrs Mommy! I loove your girls' costumes, especially that little monster :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)


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