Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I predict....

Sorry if my blog posts have gotten boring  lately. I'm having a hard time thinking of things to blog other than cute kid pictures and fashion shows haha. Sometimes it's hard because I'm not a "real" blogger in my mind--I don't blog with the idea that other people will want to read about our little  old life; instead I blog for a "baby book" of sorts--and to entertain the grandparents with lots of pictures ;-) So random pictures of the girls pretty much fulfills those requirements! That said though, I do love it when other people stop by my blog and read about our life! And if you comment or follow me I always try to respond or visit your blog too--unfortunately there are way more blogs in blogland than I have time to read and comment every day, so I'm not always good about doing that regularly....sigh.

(On a sidenote---because  I keep meaning to mention this and  can't  remember  if I  have or not! --- but I appologize for the  many  spelling and grammatical errors you'll  find here haha.  One of my majors in college *was* Engligh, so I swear that I do know these things, but I type fast and often with children  on my  lap, and  I don't  proofread before posting. So just know  that I'm  not a complete idiot--sometimes I just type like  one ;-)

So  anyways, the point  of  the  above rambling is that  today  I  really tried to think of something that everyone  might like  to read (and  maybe play along too!) ....besides  just the typical  cute kid  pictures. So  here  goes nothing!

Let's play a little "I predict" game. This  will  be  fun  for the girls  to look back  on and read  when  they are older I think. Maybe I can give it to them on their high school graduation or something ;-)

We'll  do Raya first

Raya, I predict you will become a teacher, or something related to education. You are the oldest, and  have all the stereotypical characteristics of an older child. Mother  hen, like to be the boss,  like to "teach" others things....and you love  other  kids. I  really  can picture  you teaching a class of 2nd graders or maybe even being a school counselor or something.

Raya, I predict you will get good grades  in school. You are a people pleaser and very smart.

Raya, I predict that  sports won't be your strong point.  Maybe you will  surprise me, but  I  see you taking  after me as  far as not  being competitive  in team  sports. I see you gravitating towards individual activites like dance, music, and maybe  more  individual sports like golf. I  would be shocked if you ever liked  track! haha

Raya, I  predict that  you will  be a girlie girl. I see  you spending weekends in high school at the  mall  with your friends and fighting with me over  makeup and clothing expenses.

Raya, I predict you'll have your first date at age 15. Dinner and a movie.

Raya, I predict you'll be a social  butterfly  like  your dad, but end up with a small  circle of close friends in school like your mom.

Raya, I  predict you'll  follow in your mom's footsteps and choose  to play the flute in school. You definitely seem  like a girlie wind instrument  sort of  gal.

Raya, I predict you will  go  to college close  to home, or at least  in the same  state.

Raya, I predict you'll  get married at age 26 and have  a baby by 28 years. I  see you with  3 kids.

Raya, I predict you and  I  will argue a lot during your middle and  high school years.

Raya, I predict you'll  be grounded for the first  time at age 10.

Raya, I predict you will end up with  size 9 shoe size.

Raya, I predict that  you and  Brielle will be very close. I  see  lots  of fighting in middle and high school, but during the college years you will become best friends again and eventually be maids  of honor in each other's weddings.

Now for Brielle!

Brielle, I predict you will  go into a job field more like your  dad. Something like an  architect or engineer. Maybe a stunt double ;-)

Brielle, I predict you  will  be one  of those kids in high school  who is  friends  with everyone and able to  adapt to whatever  social situation she's  put  into. Very outgoing and  perhaps a little  wild!

Brielle, I predict  you will  be athletic. I  see you playing basketball--maybe point guard with your short  stature and quickness! I  could  see you playing and enjoying lots of team  sports.

Brielle,  I predict you will  be very smart,  but maybe a little  less  interested in academics than Raya.  I  see you and  I  having  lots of discussions about  you living up to your potential  and  staying focused on school  rather than focusing on tons of extracurriculars ;-)

Brielle, I  predict  you will  leave  home for  college, maybe  even  out of  state.  I  can picture  you saying you need to get out and see  the world!

Brielle, I  predict you will settle down  and marry by age 30 and have 1 or 2 kids.

Brielle,  I  predict you will end up with size 7 shoe size. (Like  how  random this prediction is? haha)

Brielle,  I  predict you will  play the drums in band...maybe the saxophone. Something loud!

Brielle, I predict you will be a more  "sporty" dressing kid---ponytails and tennis shoes.

Brielle,  I predict you will  be the one who volunteers to  keep Daddy company on hunting  and  fishing trips.

Brielle, I predict you will be a good singer.

So now this will be like a little  "time capsule" that I can pull out years down the road and either discover that I can see the future and have psychic abilities, or at least provide a good laugh for us all when my predictions are completely wrong!! :-)

I  think  all of you should  play this game too! What are some predictions you have for your own kids--any guesses?


  1. I'm seriously doing this. Such a cute idea! And? All of your predictions for Raya... are so similar to how I feel about Lidia. And predictions for Brielle... almost identical to Carly! Must be the first born/second born thing! So cute!

  2. I like it! And I was going to say the exact same thing as Britt. Your predictions for Raya are just like Mariah and Brielle's predictions are almost identical to what I would say about Taryn!!

  3. such a fun idea. It will be fun to look back on this and see how close you get to things. I'm not ready to think about high school years yet.

  4. I do not know if it is necessarily a first born/second born because I have only one daughter the same age as Brielle and they have quite a few similarities in that they are very active, more tom boy than girly girl, daredevils etc :)

    This is an excellent idea! Love the blog :) I found it on babycenter in the January 2011 birth club.

  5. What a good blog idea!! Some of them made me laugh a little. And I will let you know that I never get tired of reading your blog and seeing all the pictures of Raya & Brielle! They are too cute, and I love always seeing how they are dressed =)

  6. Love, love love this post!!!!
    Grama F


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