Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just passing by....

It's Tuesday again...."tired Tuesday" lol...and I have  all four kids today, so  I"m going to keep the blogging short!

Raya had preschool this morning--it's a pumpkin theme this week and today they were looking inside pumpkins, etc...so a good day to break out the pumpkin shirt!

Raya's headband  in Gymboree (it's from last year  I believe---people are selling them on ebay brand new for $4.95 so I bought one for each girl hehe. Raya didn't wear it to preschool though because it's a little fussy for school and slides off her head when she plays) ...Raya's pants are Old Navy (her shirt  is all bunched up weird in this picture...it's not really that short!)

Brielle is wearings a Gymboree outfit that I bought during that awesome sale I mentioned awhile back. So cute for fall!
Other than that I did some grocery shopping, post office, etc. with Brielle and Harper this morning. Now I need to go pick up my destroyed house while the kids nap (did I mention Raya pretty much gave up naps? UGH. We have been doing a reverse quiet time where I send her downstairs and she can watch tv or play, etc. as long as I don't hear from her until nap time is over---that way mama still gets *her* quiet time! :-) So today her and sawyer are both downstairs.

Lastly, remember that new clothing brand NEXT I  talked about last week? Well my order came  today! Oh my god, I LOVE this stuff!!!

I got Brielle size 1.5-2 years and it's plenty big, but I wanted it to fit all winter. I sort of want to take everything else of hers back and have her wear this outfit every day, that's how much I love it! The quality is amazing and the details are so precious--little knitted ears, yarn whiskers, etc.!

She loves it too! She kepts saying "squeak squeak!" for the mouse haha
Raya's  sweatshirt is adorable too! The 4-5 I got her seems to be perfect to last the winter.

I didn't realize the back  was polkadot when I ordered for  some reason--even better!
**If anyone wants to order form NEXT and never has, they sent me *4* coupons to give out to new customers. It's only good for people who have never ordered from them before--they are $10 off a purchase of $50--plus free shipping. So if you'd like one to place an order just message me through my Etsy shop and I will  give you a coupon code!! :-)


  1. Cute fall outfits.
    Loving both their new NEXT shirts, adorable.

  2. Those new clothes are so cute! I'd love a coupon, but I really need to stop spending money for awhile. At least on clothes for the kids. I was shopping on Naartjie this morning. Didn't buy anything (yet), but there are some adorable things!

    Hope your afternoon goes fast with the 4 kids! My two are driving me crazy today!

    1. Well the coupons are good until Dec. 10th, so if you decide Santa needs to bring them something let me know! ;-)

  3. Love the NEXT outfits you ordered!! I really think their clothes are awesome! =) And what cute pumpkin outfits the girls had on today!! =)

  4. Cute cute cute outfits!!!!!!!! I'm sooo glad you finally bought some clothes for those poor little girls!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  5. It's hard when they give up naps, isn't it! But when we are home and once we get back in a routine here, I have the girls go down and have quiet time too. We mamas need our breaks too!


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