Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mama Style

So you all  know that  I  LOVE to dress my girls and shop for them. Not only is little girl stuff  adorable, but  I also love being able to pick stuff  out online and not really worry about how flattering it is, whether it fits, etc. Little kids have it easy!

I on the other hand could never shop online. Well, maybe for shoes haha. No, shopping for me involves LOTS of trying on stuff, going to tons of stores, trying to predict which things I might like in the dressing room but then declare horrid once I get them home (please tell me I'm not the only one who does this! haha), etc. Basically shopping for Mama = no fun, and shopping for the girls = tons of fun ;-)

But today with Raya shipped off to Lee's parents, and Brielle spending the day with my parents, I headed into town in an attempt to get some winter shirts. I have 3 main "food groups" currently in my closet--post pardum attire, sweatshirts, and clothes I don't wear :-P So my goal today  was to branch out and enjoy shopping while not preggo and while not dealing with post pardum horrors! I am assumingly in a safe window for awhile of wearing the same size and that is super exciting.

Today's treasures  came f rom Target, Kohls, Old Navy, and TJMax. (And while I am a bargain hunter for kids clothes, when it comes  to my own clothes  I pretty much buy something when I like it...because I don't like  that many things!)

Wanna see a couple things I bought? (Please excuse the smudged up mirror from the girls admiring themselves haha...and  let it be know that  I only have one supermodel  pose in my arsenol, so that's what you get in every picture ;-)

This is my personal favorite purchase  of the day--from Kohls. I always  love the idea of  puffer vests, but  hate them in actuality because I feel like a stuffed sausage of something---like I can't  move. But this is a very thin puffer vest--more for looks than actual warmth--so it's comfy! And yes, it's got faux fur on the hood hehe. Lee will hate that, but the hood is removable for when I'm not feeling furry ;-) And this kelly green is my new favorite  color of the season I think!

On a side note, while trying on clothes at Kohls i went to try on a folded up sweather and as I unfolded it and lifted it above my head a DEAD ROACH fell out!!! Yes, no shit. And people, I"m shopping in the Iowa 'burbs...not some roach infested area haha. I was shocked and horrified and immediately left the dressing room needless to say! :-o

Love this one too. From Target.

This kinda looks  red here, but it's actually like a burnt orange. I thought it would be good for fall (and fall  pictures if we ever get brave enough to pull out the tripod and try some family pics haha) . I just  tried my white tank on with everything but  might try to find something else to go under  it.

Hoodie! haha. $9 find at TJMax and I couldn't pass it up :-P

And while I now have  cute  clothes, I will admit that I probably will still spend most my days in comfy clothes haha. I picked up a couple of these cheapo thermal tops at Old Navy...this is my SAHM uniform ;-)
I got other cute stuff too, but since  I"m not nearly  as cute as the girls I won't bore you all with any  more pictures! ;-)

And here was Brielle today before going  to my parents' house:

Blurry from running! This  outfit you may recognize from last year...still fits

Doesn't  she look like some sort of posessed puppet in this photo?! LOL

So Mamas, where are *your* favorite places to shop? And if you are a SAHM, what do you consider to be  your SAHM uniform?


  1. LOVE all your outfits!!! Super cute! I hate buying clothes, but 99% of my clothes come from Old Navy. Someday i'll branch out! haha =)

    1. Thanks!

      I love Old Navy too, but lately for some reason I have an impossible time finding the right size there. I never know which size to grab and then I get tired of going in and out of the dressing room and give up haha.

  2. Cute stuff. I am loving the green. Most of my clothes comes from Target. I agree though shopping for the girls is so much more fun.

    1. Thanks! I bet you are ready to get back to your "normal" clothes after baby comes! :-)

  3. Love all the new clothes!!!! That green is great on you!!!!! My pretty little Brielle was such an angel today!!!!
    Grama F

  4. Love your out fits! :) I usually shop at maurices or Ross or target. its do much harder shopping after a baby. Your body totally changes. At least mine did. Doesn't matter how much I weigh, my hips will just never be the same and some pants might not ever fit again lol

    1. I love Maurices too! Just didn't make it there today, but they are often my go to store :-)

      I agree, babies are not kind to bodies -- luckily I guess I was never super thin to begin with so at least I don't know what I'm missing LOL

  5. I love all your new stuff, especially the green!

    I usually shop at Target or Maurices. I have $100 gift card to Maurices that I've had since last Christmas. I can't wait to go use it. I need to lose some weight first though.

    My typical SAHM uniform is comfy pants and a tshirt. Once I actually fit into jeans, I will wear them :)

  6. I love shopping at Kohls... but I would FREAK out and probably never go back there if I found a roach. YUCK!

    Not a SAHM, but on the days I 'play' one, I have to admit I'm pretty lazy and tend to stay in comfy clothes, though I do at least try to get out of my PJ pants and wear jeans... usually.


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