Monday, October 1, 2012

Misc. Monday

1) Raya dressed herself today. Oy. At least she is warming up to the red wig my mom had...should look cute with her mermaid costume for Halloween LOL. I need to tame that wig down a little though---it's going a little crazy  ;-)

2) It's OCTOBER!!!!!!!! We have made a start on our fall bucket list. First, we got a ton more apples off our neighbors tree...

And I made a big  batch of homemade applesauce in the crockpot this weekend--yum!

We also have had apple cider.

And the girls had their  first ever hot chocolate today---Raya calls it "the chocolate thing that tastes like a tootsie roll" ;-)

3) Yesterday I invited my mom along to go to the Children's Museum with me and the girls. We had a fun day and the girls were really good! I actually snuck away for a bit too in order to buy some new jeans. OMG, I was in deserate need. It's probably been two years since I've gotten a new jean stash. I like Vanity jeans because they sell them in inches (waist x inseam) so I can make sure they are long enough and such. Well I was totally pumped to try on 4 pairs, love 3 of them enough to buy them, *and* realized that my new waist size is 4 inches smaller than all my jeans at home :-)  (And that should give you all an idea of the hot mess I've been looking wearing saggy jeans at home :-P)  The diet plan is called "have two children 19 months apart, and chase them both around as toddlers!

4) I know I've mentioned how my parents  like to go to consignment stores and antique stores etc....well  they always keep an eye out for good deals for the grandkids and usually end up finding some awesome deals (whereas if I go to Goodwill for example I find nasty old stuff haha) Anyways, this weekend they found FOUR new with tag pairs of shoes for $2 each--go figure! Raya is just getting into size 9 this fall/winter and these shoes are size 9, 10, and 11...but  she'll grow into them for $2! :-)

5) My etsy shop is having a GIVEAWAY right now!!!!! Who doesn't like to win free stuff?! So go to my facebook page and enter---it's easy!

My very popular Thanksgiving turkey shirts  just made  their  reappearance in my Etsy shop as well.  For two years now  they've been huge sellers for me---so if you haven't already ordered them in the past you should this year! I can do BOY OR GIRL color schemes. These are so cute to coordinate siblings/cousins/etc.

6) Brielle showed interest for the first time today in using the big girl potty! I  still will in no way consider potty training her until she's at least 2, but it's promising that she acts like she is starting to "get" the concept. She came up to me today and pointed to her diaper and said  "pee...ewwww" and then ran down the hall to the potty and stood there. So i put her on it and she laughed and laughed and tried to go haha...but didn't actually go. It  was a good try though!

Speaking of Brielle, she's so stinkin' adorable

Sporting some pigtails!

Have a great week everyone--Happy October!


  1. The pictures of Raya with the wig on seriously crack me up!! Totally cute!! =)

    And your Thanksgiving shirts, SOOOO Cute!!! =)

    Brielle looks adorable with the little pigtails! =)

  2. OMG!!!!! Raya in that wig is just toooo cute!!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Yay to her wearing the wig. She is too funny!

  4. That wig is hilarious! She is going to look really cute!

    Love those turkey shirts!

  5. I never have that kind of luck at goodwill. *jealous* Love the wig though!!

    1. I know, me either! I'm pretty sure my parents are the only ones with that luck at Goodwill LOL


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