Monday, October 22, 2012

My own Mommy Confession

First  off, thanks so much to everyone for the sweet comments on my last post! I am definitely feeling more confident with every photoshoot I do and while I still have a lot of things I feel I need to improve I do recognize that  my photos are looking more and more "pro" and that's exciting! I have  no  desire to set up an at home studio, and prefer to stick with outdoor photography, so the bummer is that with winter quickly approaching I think I'll probably  be taking a break for awhile from any real "clients" ;-) But  I'm hoping that come spring maybe I can set up a facebook page and start to do a little advertising and think about charing a (very small!) fee. My last couple clients have been so sweet as to gift me payment though (even though I said no!) and that has been  much appreciated that  they  think I do that good of a job! if  only I  could take  my own family pics lol

And  now onto the real post  today!

Today my blogger  friend Amy from Mrs. Mommy wrote a mommy confession post about how she caved and  bought  her little  girl a toy that she wanted in the store.Well Amy, I can  definitely one up you on that!

You see, my girls have  one doll stroller. It's a tiny  plastic one that is meant for babies learning to walk essentially, but even Raya still uses it to push her babies around! And it's a hot ticket item in our house. Oh my, I can't even begin to tell you how many fights I've broken up over that stupid stroller. And when Harper is here all hell breaks loose with three of them  fighting over  it!

Now, a "good" mom would probably use disciplinary actions to teach the girls to share, take turns, etc. Or maybe even wait for "Santa" to bring another one.

But  I  am not  that mom lol. Here is my confession:

Yes, I bypassed all  the normal solutions and instead took them to Walmart to buy two matching strollers! And yes Lee, it was worth it to me to stop the fighting haha.  Now they have identical  strollers so no fighting (different patterns to help them identify who's is who, because god  forbid they push the other person's stroller! ;-) ....only  thing I regret is not getting a 3rd for when Harper is here tomorrow LOL

And see, Brielle already has that busy mom on the go look  down!

Looking a little  frazzled  me most  days actually! ;-)
And to end, just a couple cute pics  of my girls modeling their attire today

Raya's shirt is Gap and says "I'm the big sister" ;-)  Her skirt is size 2T and I  can't  believe  it still fits!

They were  trying to coordinate their supermodel  poses ...ha!


  1. Brielle is adorable and hilarious with those sunglasses and the stroller. She just needs a pumpkin spice latte and she's ready to hit the town!

  2. The girls did need new strollers!!!! I agree though, you probably should have gotten a third one for Harper!!!
    Grama F

  3. Your girls are too stinkin' cute! I love them trying to coordinate their poses! :)

    And, like I told Amy this morning, so been there done that too! :)

  4. Love their new strollers! =) And their clothes are too cute! =)

  5. Yes, this is also something I would do. Kyla's getting a stroller for her babies for Christmas from my mom. She's going to love it! And another confession - my mom and sister in law have both said I could have one of their kitchens for Kyla, but I want her to have a new one from Santa. Tyler thinks I'm ridiculous.

    Hahaha, Brielle is so cute with those glasses on. And love the matching poses.


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