Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pre-Halloween festivities!

Yesterday the girls carved their pumpkin with Daddy. I actually don't like carving pumpkins. I hate how messy they are, I hate cleaning them out, and I don't  have the patience for carving them. I do however like the way they look when they are done! haha. So Daddy is in charge of pumpkins at our house :-)

It was crappy clothes day at our house Saturday lol.

The best part of this  picture  is Brielle's excitment over eating her cereal  with the big pumpkin scraping tool lol. She stole the thing for scraping the inside of the pumpkin and started using it as a spoon! :-P

This is what we all call  Brielle's "stink face" haha. She gives this look multiple times throughout the day, usually accompanied by "no!" ....she gave it to me when I laughed and told her the scraping tool wasn't a spoon. Apparently I'm a buzzkill ;-) And yes, that's snot running down her face lol


Raya requested an owl on her  pumpkin this year....spoooooooooky! :-)
Then today Lee and I went to brunch, shopping, and to the movie fun anniversary day! My parents watched the girls, and then this afternoon she took Raya and Sawyer to a "trunk or treat" thing her work was doing. She's a nurse and her and her doctor are known for their matching costumes they wear at work on Halloween lol...this year they are going as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. So my mom was dressed in her costume today for trunk or treat and just happened to find a matching costume for Sawyer for like $2 used...and then she found this costume for Raya that "matched" and Raya went as a she-devil. Mom said they had lots of fun! She took some pictures for me since I wasn't around today to see it.

(And these pictures are too great not to share, but in my mom's defense even skinny little things like her don't look too sexy when wearing a costume that essentially  has giant granny panties on it! lol ;-)

How stinkin' hilarious is this!?! LOL

Helping Grandma pass out candy!
Can't wait  for  more Halloween festivities this week! Tuesday is the Halloween parade at preschool for Raya and she will wear her mermaid costume for the first time (have I mentioned she looks like a drag queen mermaid in it? LOL ---she is so pumped :-P)  ...and then Wednesday my hometown does a Halloween party downtown and then we go trick or treating in a nearby neighborhood. Can't w ait to see Brielle in her monster costume! If anyone mentions Halloween around Brielle she says, "monster---rawwwwr"  haha...she's very excited about her costume!


  1. Omg I love the picture with Donna, Sawyer, & Raya. That's great. See ya Wednesday.

  2. We had soooooo much fun!!!!! I'm glad everyone is enjoying this pic of an old lady in a Mrs Incredible costume!!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. I love it - I have the same attitude with pumpkins - Aaron has to do it!! I love the way they look though...

    And I'm cracking up over the costumes - I love it :) Can't wait to see your 'drag queen mermaid' :-D

  4. Ugh - I feel much the same way as you about carving pumpkins BUT I guess we will do them tomorrow since it is getting close to Halloween and Joe wasn't home this weekend to save me on this one. :) {BTW, your pumpkin has such a long stem! :) }

    How fun that you guys got out for your anniversary!

    And, I LOVE their costumes, haha! :)

  5. We haven't carved our pumpkins yet. Yours are cute. Kaylees going to be Brave & Keira is going as Olivia the pig. Kaylees school parade is Wed.

  6. Your pumpkin came out super cute!!! And oh my word the pictures of your mom with the kids are absolutely cute!!!! What a good sport your mom is =)


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