Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Farm 2012!

Ok, so earlier today I did a post talking about how we were having a hard time finding a day to visit the pumpkin farm, and didn't want to go today because we thought it'd be muddy, but we changed our minds last minute! haha. It was the perfect temp for the pumpkin farm and I just knew if we waited it woudl stay cold and rainy the rest of the month. And tonight ended up being the PERFECT time to go! Not busy at all since it was a Monday and the only thing that was really muddy was the corn maze, which the girls don't have any interest in anyways.

The bad thing is that a last minute decision to go meant I wasn't at all prepared for their outfits! hehe. And I thought about pumpkin shirts, but t hey needed a light jacket and then the cute shirts would be covered, so we went the sweater/sweater dress route instead. It should come as no surprise that the girls were the talk of the pumpkin farm and on multiple occassions I heard people say "there are those sisters again!" and ooh and aah over their adorableness ;-)

So enjoy a few pictures! I have more to go through but these are my favs for now.

Can you tell I've become a little obsessed with photographing the sun? lol

Going down the BIG slide all by herself!

Love that  face!

In the haunted house---Raya loved it!
I love the way these hayrack ride pics came out, considering I was  being bounced around back  there! Luckily we were the only ones riding so no one saw me looking like a crazy person ;-)

The sun  was  starting to set...pretty!

Please note that Lee grows his beard out for hunting season---to supposedly keep his face warm while  he hunts lol.

Big  jumpy pillow! Brielle has no fear---she was out there with the big  kids!

Passed out in the car---wore out! :-)


  1. Okay, first off, do you mind if we come and visit you so we can come to this pumpkin patch!!! Our pumpkin patch farms aren't nearly this nice!!
    Secondly, the outfits the girls have on are perfect! I love the bright colors with the pumpkins and the outdoors.
    And it looks like you guys had a blast...and the picture with the gigantic chair!!! Makes them look soooo little!! =)

    1. hehe, yes when we moved here last Oct. we found this place and it's super nice!

  2. I agree your pumpkin patch looks awesome!! Super cute pictures. We're taking the girls sometime this week

  3. Your girls are just so stinkin' cute! And, I am loving your sun pictures! I am impressed with you! And, here I had Joe buy me our expensive camera and I haven't even taken any time to learn how to really use it. Oops! :)

  4. What a fun Monday night! The girls look adorable and those photos are amazing, I definitely spy a few framers in that bunch!

  5. Looks like a great time! We are struggling to find a time to go this year too, but we ALWAYS get take a family photo on the hayrack ride at Bloomsbury so we have to figure something out soon before it's too cold and brown. Your girls look so sweet in their matching sweaters!!

  6. We have yet to go to a pumpkin patch and now I'm determined to go!

  7. Great pics!!!! I love all of them,but the one where Brielle is looking up at Lee is priceless!!!!!!!
    Grama F


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