Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin PS

Clearly I can't document  a yearly pumpkin farm extravaganza with the "few" pictures I posted on Monday! here are a few more favorites :-)

I will probably never in my life be able to recreate this lighting haha....but  I love  it!

And  just  for fun, if you want to read about our pumpkin patch trip *last year* check  out the entry HERE . Crazy to see how much they've grown in just  one year! I  think every year  gets more and  more fun for things  like this. Brielle was old enough to squeal in excitement and run to things this year, and as we got onto the hayrack ride I told Lee "isn't  it seriously amazing to not  be dealing with a stroller right now?!" Good times!

lastly, here is what  I posted on my facebook  status today---thought you'd all get a kick  out of it:

"LOL...Raya is such a "great" big sister. She wanted to go down the hall and play in her room, but it's dark. So I hear her go over to Brielle and say "sissy, you go there and make sure there aren't any monsters!" and then she led Brielle to the dark hallway and gave her a little push! Poor Brielle then walked slowly through the dark until she made it to Raya's room and turned on the light, at which point Raya cheered in success and joined her to play. Brielle, the official monster patrol ;-)"


  1. loving the rest of the pictures. I agree the lighting in the last picture of Raya is awesome. it is crazy how fast they grow & change in a year.

    LOL to that FB status, kinda sounds like something Kaylee would do to Keira.


  2. love that last pic of Raya!!! That sounds like Raya, she did the same thing in the playhouse with a bug in the window!!!!!
    Grama F


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