Tuesday, October 23, 2012

pumpkins and puke

This will be short today.

Today was supposed to be Raya's preschool trip to the pumpkin farm.  Parents  were invited to come. As I loaded the girls in the van this morning Brielle puked on herself. We were almost late to preschool because of the clothing change  and carseat cleanup.

I had about 1 minute to decide if we continued to preschool or not. Raya's screams of horror at the thought of missing preschool made me decide to press on. Brielle was acting better and I am choosing to believe it was a freak thing, and not the stomach bug!

Then came rain. And a *cancelled* trip to the pumpkin farm. So instead Brielle and I hung out at preschool to play with Raya, as did other parents.

Raya was so excited I was there (dripping with sarcasm). Actually she said "Mommy, why are you here?!" "Mommy, I want you to leave!" 

Thanks kid.

We stayed anyways haha. Brielle had fun.

Then I went and picked up Sawyer and Harper since Tuesdays are my day to babysit them. It's naptime now. Yay.

Here is a picture of pukey-face, after the cleanup.

That is  all ;-)


  1. Yucky!! Hope she's not getting sick. Love her dress

  2. I love that dress. And I hope Brielle is feeling better! And what a ham Raya is!! haha =)

  3. I still have a pukey-face at my house too. Actually she hasn't puked since this morning when she did it on Tyler so that's good. She's had a fever all day and just a bad cold. Hopefully tomorrow we'll both be puke free! Love Brielle's dress, where's it from? I always love when you share where the girls' clothes are from :)

    1. Brielle has acted fine the rest of the day so I'm very confused now! Hope Kyla is on the mend.

      Brielle's dress was like $4 at Old Navy this past spring on clearance :-)


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