Thursday, October 11, 2012

Taking photography world by storm!

....ok, not really LOL. But I do have a weekend full  of picture taking planned! Tomorrow evening I'm supposed to  take family pics for a girl Lee works with--she asked and i figured it would be good practice! They have a girl a little younger than Brielle so I'll probably do a lot of chasing haha. Then on Sunday I'm supposed to take family pictures for baby Finn again--and then also my brother and Emily asked if I'd take their foreign exchange students' senior pictures, so we may try that on Sunday  too. That one should be interesting considering I'll be trying to direct a senior for the first time, and a German one at that! haha. I would think we could at least get a couple though ---wish me luck this weekend! :-)  (We were also  going to try doing  our own  family pictures on Saturday --with a tripod and remote--but  Saturday is supposed to be  thunderstorms now so I guess we'll put putting those off for now!)

Yesterday I  took the girls for an impromptu shoot in order to play around with "challenging" lighting situations. Right now  with  the leaves  falling etc. there is a lot of speckled sunlight  which is tricky to shoot  in, and I also played around with shooting in bright sunlight, which I usually try to avoid.

These  pics didn't turn out as good as the last ones because I didn't have the girls in cute outfits really, and they were also being pretty uncooperative! But I figured I'd share  them anyways---enjoy!

This  spot  is where I took  a lot of Finn's family  pictures  this summer----looks different  in the fall! I  did a vintage  edit on this one because I couldn't get the  colors quite right on the other edits.

Playing with  the sun again haha
It was really  hard trying to shoot in the bright morning  sun!

I  was really happy with the  lighting/coloring/focus in this  pic--and so of course she couldn't  be smiling!

Tried another vintage edit---by this time they were not happy with pictures anymore haha

The  hat  I made  her  last  year  still  fits well!

Photoshoots are hard work---time for a nap!

And lastly, today was a preschool day so here's what Raya wore! (And you should  know that I had an adorable fall  outfit  planned and suddenly while making Lee's lunch Raya comes running out dressed and I'm like "What the heck?!" ...she said "Daddy let me pick!" ....ummmmm, Lee, it's a stinkin' preschool day and you let her wear a faded Minnie shirt and tight black leggings a size too small LOL. I did make her add the skirt so that her big  old tush wasn't hanging out all day ;-) I  thought the green frog socks she picked  were a nice touch :-P
That's all  I have today--have a great Thursday everyone!


  1. Love your photos! Next time your in Des Moines, you should take my family photos :)

  2. Your photos are looking awesome! I'm jealous of your Fall weather, we are creeping back up to the mid 90s!

  3. The pictures turned out cute. I love the vintage looking ones. I can't wait for dslr battery charger to come in the mail so I can start taking good pics of my girls again. Good luck this weekend

  4. Dressy outfits or not - they're still great pictures!!!

    I like the vintage ones the best - but I also absolutely love the colors with her bright pink hat. They turned out gorgeous!

    Also - I love Raya's preschool outfit pictures. I really should do something similar for Averie - she has so many outfits that she only wears a couple of times before she outgrows them that are freaking adorable! but I have a feeling she'd do the same as Raya and veto my outfit choices and force go with her favorite mishmash of clothing :)

  5. You are doing such a great job on your photos! And, can I just say Brielle's eyelashes are gorgeous?

    Seriously, you have a busy weekend! I would consider you a professional! :)

  6. Pics look great!!!!!! I agree, Brielle has the prettiest lashes!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  7. Shawna, you did so great today with Charlee!!! Thanks again for taking our photos!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, and you're very welcome! :-)


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