Friday, October 12, 2012


Let's talk about siblings today,  shall we? You see, like many  people I think  I've always  been  a little  facinated by only child families. Whether  by  chance or choice I often wonder "are they totally depressed by the fact that their only  will  never have a sibling?"

....because  you see, the  sibling relationship is often thought of in term of those cheesy pinterest quotes you  always see floating around....ya know, like  "sisters by chance, best friends by  choice".....or "being a brother is even better than being a superhero".

....and photos of siblings in a big embrace,  giggling  and  laughing....or  walking  hand in hand into the sunset.

And only  child families  won't have that! Seriously, how depressing right?

BUT there is a sibling myth and I'm  here to  reveal it  for  you all.  And those only child families have something on the rest  of us crazies that they keep in their back  pocket  like a secret weapon. That secret weapon is  the lack  of C.

Confused yet? Well  let me explain :-)

When people announce  they are expecting their second child there are always the "how wonderful!" 's that  follow. But there  are  also  all the well meaning parents of 2+ who chime in "hold on for a wild  ride" and "going from 1 to 2 is sooo much harder than having your first!" ....and people  who share  their horror stories about how them and their sibling(s) can't stand eachother, etc.

And the unsuspecting mom pregnant with #2 starts to think "well, I  survived baby A, so  how hard can A x 2 really be?"  ...but  having a second child is not A x 2....because kid B will be totally different than kid A, so really  only  about 20 % of what you learned the first  time around even applies haha.

So then you're  thinking "well  I survived A so I  can  survive A + B!  ---obviously the  work with  2 is more than 1, but I  can  handle double  the work  I think."

But  no. This  is where  I  want to explain that as I sit over  here  with adorable  kid A and adorable kid B the  equation really is A + B = ...C, the sibling relationship. A + B is NOT double the work. It multiplies like rabbits and C is approx. one million % more work  than little  old A. And C is the  sibling relationship that  is 50% walking hand in hand into the sunset, and 50%  animal planet where two starving alligators are fighting over a peice of raw meat they found in the swamp :-P

The  lack of C is where the only  child familes have  it made. It's their secret weapon!

And  as I sit here  today listening to my children scream  bloody murder over who touched  who's  rock (A stinking ROCK!), or who's turn it is to  climb on the pool  table (which neither  should even be doing in the first place!) I  think to myself that  1) those  only children will  do just  fine in  life I think without a sibling----they'll have  all  that raw meat to themselves ;-) and 2) I'm pretty glad that I decided to forgo  the  A + B + C = f'ing D equation LOL...because  I"m pretty sure that D would have sent  me to the nut house!

BUT  (and there is a big but here)

my girls do have  their fair share  of walking into the sunset holding  hands, and for that I am very thankful for my little baby B! :-)

Am I preaching to the choir? lol


  1. I love this post! It made me literally laugh out loud at work. I was an only child till I was eleven. It's different for sure. I was jealous of families where the kids all played together, but on the other hand I was spoiled and everything was always my way ;) I did finally get a sister though and she is my best friend now :)

    I obviously want more children, I don't want Hudson to be an only child. It is sooooooo annoying when I tell people I want more kids and they reply with how much they hate their siblings or their kids fight...blah blah blah. I know it won't be all rainbows, but I can want more then one kid. We will survive! By the way....I think I am up for the challenge of C but D scares the crap out of me :)

  2. Love the post!! I am an only child and I was super happy about that :-) Emma is an only child....and its probably going to stay that way. :-)


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