Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

First off, on Friday Raya went  to a movie---Brave! My brother, Uncle John, was taking Sawyer  to a movie and at first they were going to see some Halloween cartoon and they asked Sawyer's cousin Gavin, from the other side of the family, to go along  since  he's older than Raya, but Gavin said it was too scary and he didn't want to go. So John wanted me to show the trailer to Raya and see if *she* wanted to go! So I did and this is what  Raya  said:

Me: So  do you want to go to that movie with Sawyer and Uncle JOhn?
Raya: No, that  doesn't look like a very good one for me.
Me: But  you will get to eat popcorn and you want to go?
Raya: No, how about Sawyer and I go shopping!?!
Me: (laughing) No, they  aren't going shopping, they  are going to the movie. Do you want to go?
Raya: No thank you. anyways, poor Sawyer couldn't get anyone to go along so then John found Brave playing at the cheap theatre and Gavin said he'd go to that and I  just  said yes  on Raya's behalf (wanted her out of the house people! ;-) Raya has only  been to one movie  before and it was a cartoon right up her  alley. I worried she wouldn't  sit for Brave but  John said  she did great and ate lots of popcorn haha.

John said the funniest  part though  was  driving there  they  played "I'm thinking  of something that is...."   ...kinda like 20  questions. Well  Sawyer and John play that  all the time so Sawyer is good at it. Gavin is just turning 4 so he's a little older than Raya and John said he did  pretty well  too, but sometimes had weird clues like "I"m thinking of something that is red and in the ground" ...and it was a stopsign. So Anyways, they  let  Raya have a turn---and she really has never played this  game. John said he about died laughing because when it was her  turn she said "I'm thinking of something.....and it's a cow!"  lol. ;-)

Then as soon as she got home she had dance  class, and then I took  family  pictures for the family I posted  about on Friday.

On Saturday it was  rainy and yucky so we took the girls into town for a bit and then ate at Hu Hot....yum! Usuallly this place  is torture for the girls, becuase in the past  they  wouldn't  eat the food and they'd drive us crazy while we tried to eat. But Saturday we turned a corner---they liked it!!! They loved the broccoli, pea pods, and green beans so we made their plates full of that haha.

On Sunday Lee went fishing in the morning and my parents wanted  the girls so I took them over there for the day. I was supposed  to then take pictures for Finn's family and my foreign exchange student "niece", but it was pouring rain so we had to reschedule. I"m going to try and take both sets  of pictures Thursday far the weather forecast is free of rain that day so fingers crossed! While the  girls were gone Lee and  I thought about doing something in town but decided that having the girls gone was too wonderful to waste on getting ready and leaving the house haha. So instead  we lounged around and played some pool, watched tv, I did some Etsy sewing, and we were just generally lazy haha. The girls are at a particulary exhausting age between the two of them right now I feel like, and any time kid free is pure bliss! ;-)

To end this rather  pointless  update, here are  a few random pics of the girls looking cute as always

On Saturday  Brielle was decked out in Gap Boho--one of the best lines ever! This shirt  was Raya's but I found the matching jeans at the consignment store...score! It's a size 2T outfit  so everything is  rolled, but  I still love it :-)

She insists on picking crazy socks :-P
Then  Sunday  morning Brielle insisted  on wearing  her "monster boots" with her pjs.  I got these boots to go  with  her  furry pink monster  costume for now she calls them "monster boots" haha. She  loves  them!

And today Brielle is  in her mouse  outfit---which you will all see  often because  I love it so haha. (I  still have  2 of the NEXT coupons for $10 off available so message me in my Etsy shop if you want a code! For new  customers  only  and  it's $10 off a purchase  of $50 and free shipping.

And Raya  is rocking Old Navy!

So  that's what's  been  up with  us! How was  your  weekend?! We hope to make  it to the pumpkin patch soon, but  it's been hard finding a good day! Today it's going to be muddy there from all the rain this weekend, tomorrow would be good but I have Harper and Sawyer, Wednesday is rain, Thursday I am taking pictures for people, Friday is Raya's dancy class and it's parent observation day! ...and this weekend Lee might be  hunting/setting up deer stands--plus weekends are busy at the pumpkin farm so we're trying to do a weekday! Hmmmm...we'll  get there eventually  I hope! :-)


  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend
    On Saturday we hung out around the house & Sunday we went to see Jason's grandparents new house

  2. Haha! I had to laugh as I was reading your conversation with Raya about going to a movie. You are like me, so I could tell you were trying to get a little break from her and encourage her to go. I would have so bribed my girls with the popcorn and soda thing too! :)

    That's awesome that you and Lee got some quiet time! That is one thing I will miss about living way out here in MT away from family. Because Lord knows, I could use a break right now - haha!

  3. Looks like you guys all had a nice relaxing weekend =) I love all the girls outfits, as usual =)

  4. Hahaha, you could just post what Raya says every day and I would love it! She's too funny.

    Adorable outfits, as usual!


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