Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And my vote goes to....

....BRIELLE! Voted top make-up artist candidate, for doing an amazing job on Raya's makeup last night at our fancy "spa party" hehe.

Raya absolutely LOVED her little sister's handiwork :-)

"Do I have lipstick on my  teeth?"

The spa party last night was quite a success. I let Raya do Brielle's makeup and then  Brielle  got to do Raya's. They thought they were hot stuff  using Mama's makeup.

They  both love the powder brush!

We did nails  as well!

This was the first time I've  ever let Raya do her  own nails. She was so thrilled, and took  it *very* seriously haha.

We had to do our tootsies as well!

Blowing on her toes so they  will  dry lol

In other  news, today  with my neice and nephew here it's safe to say the house is being destroyed, as usual haha. I  even found a play credit card *inside* Brielle's diaper when I went to change her today! LOL...those little toy pieces really do get everywhere! :-P

Raya's poor bedroom after about 15 minutes of playing...

Which leads me  to this:

The ever growing  pile of toys to sell! As Christmas  approaches I want to warn you all---think carefully about what goes on your  kids' wish lists this year! I mean, really, why did I have so many baby toys?! haha. And they all look  brand new, so someone (not me) will be getting an awesome deal on "used" toys this year...and I"m wishing I could find someone with equally nice stuff for my girls' ages now so that I didn't have to waste money on new either! 

Caillou isn't a baby toy, but I think we're also selling him. Remember how he was Raya's MUST HAVE toy from Santa last year? Well, she loved him in theory, but in actuality he totally confused her because she knew he wasn't a baby that you push in a stroller and feed a bottle (because he's 4 after all! ;-) ....but since he's a doll what else do you really do with him? And so for that reason he pretty much sits  unused. We'll  see  if I can sell him, considering Santa spent a pretty penny on that stinkin' doll! haha
Switching to a completely new  subject, I don't think Raya misses Lee at all  while he's gone...in fact, she s eems pretty thrilled with the steady stream of special activities we've been doing. First a spa party, and now today "baking" cookies!! (aka, putting them on a pan ;-)

Sugar  high! And they haven't even  eaten them  yet :-)

And now, some cousin lovin'

Harper's mom when to the presidential rally last night, and so  today Harper and Sawyer  were sportin' some political  pins hehe

And so there  you have  it---my very disjointed update today! And while I have now declared that  my vote goes to Miss Brielle, there is another vote taking place today (in case you hadn't heard :-)  ....and regarding *that* vote I would like to say this:

Happy election day! ;-)


  1. LOL love the make up pictures!

    I might have to buy some baby toys off of you for Kendall, cause we have NONE. I got rid of the girls stuff and now Kendall has nothing. How much are you asking for stuff?

    1. I'm pretty much asking approx.50% of the retail price for most of the toys---a little more for a couple that were basically never played with. I don't know how much it'd cost to ship them though-- probably would need some type of flat rate shipping box. I'm planning to list them for sale locally at the end of the week, so let me know if you want me to look into what shipping would be before then!

  2. Your spa party looks like fun!!! And the picture of Raya's room....yeah Emma destroyed her room all by herself yesterday. I mean destroyed it completely. I've never seen anything like it. I couldn't even walk! And guess who ended up cleaning it? ME!!! =)

  3. Can I PLEASE buy that Caillou from you?? I've never seen it anywhere and Carly is obsessed... beyond obsessed with that naughty boy. Let me know! :)

    PS love the spa party. Totally going to do that with the girls. They love doing girly stuff like that. I met my friend at the nail salon yesterday. I planned to just walk in and meet her before going to lunch but OF COURSE lidia had to get her nails painted. So yea... :) Love little girly girls!!

    1. I will message you about Caillou! :-)

    2. I didnt get the message! Do you want to email me?? bmfritz@yahoo.com

      Thanks mama!

    3. It might be in your "other" messages folder on fb....but I will email you too!

  4. We seriously have almost all of those same toys. I can only imagine the crap the kids will be getting this Christmas! We may be selling or donating some because they seriously drive me crazy.

    Love the spa party! You should have let them do your makeup and taken a picture for us :)

  5. Hilarious!

    Did you get my e mail about the Kids Kash from Naartjie? I think it expires tomorrow, so I want to make sure you got it if you want it!

    1. no, I didn't see an email! I better go check again haha.

  6. Love the makeup pics!!!! You are very brave letting them get into all that mess!!!
    Grama F

  7. Fun Spa day!!! I cant wait to do that stuff w Breanna...I love the make-up!

    I will be probably selling a lot of toys soon too....its crazy what accumulates, I can only imagine you have 2x the amount I do since you have 2


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