Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Big girl bed UPDATE!

I've discovered something about myself---I  am constantly underestimating my girls. It  happens all the time when we gear up for big transitions especially. Like when I took  Raya's paci away, moved her out of her  crib, potty trained her, etc. etc.....I  always envision the worst possible scenario and then usually end up being  pleasantly surprised!

Last  night was no different. The girls went  to bed around 7:30 and were both sound asleep within 10 minutes. I never heard a peep from them until  3am (when Raya randomly woke up and  thought it was morning, and then when she was calling for me  she woke up Brielle). At that  time Raya went right back to sleep when  I explained  it wasn't morning, but  Brielle got confused so I did put her  in her crib at that time. But overall a great night!

And now today Brielle is still napping, and she's alone in her big girl bed  (because  Raya doesn't nap anymore)....and she did just  fine.

Dare I saw that within a week or so I might be confident enough to take  down the crib?! Fingers crossed, but  so far  it's been easy peasy! I think Brielle loves the bed too---she has more room, the mattress on her  new bed  is more comfy than the crib mattress, and she has all  kinds of blankets and pillow now to roll around on ;-) And Brielle  never once attempted to climb out of her  crib, and so far has  made no attempt to climb out of her bed either. She *can* climb out of the bed because she's done it numerous times when playing on Raya's bed before, but  it seems like she's going to do the same thing Raya did when we made the switch---which is bed too scared to get out of bed  without my "permission" ...which works out great!

And this morning the girls had fun "christening" the new bed by having a little  jumpfest ;-)

So yay Brielle! I  can't  believe what a big girl  you have become--thanks for making things a little easier on your Mama :-)  up, getting rid of that bedtime paci! hehe.

To end today, a few random pics of Brielle  today---Grandma F. you will recognize this sweater as the one you got Raya, Harper, and Brielle back  when Brielle was first born! (Brielle now fits into the one originally bought for Raya!)

And goofy Raya, hiding under the barstool :-P
Happy Wednesday!


  1. YAY for the girls!!! I think the picture of them jumping on the bed is just too cute! They will have some great memories too of being in the same room =) Love all the pictures!

    1. Yes, since I had a brother I obviously don't have any memories of girl talk I hope the girls have fun :-)

  2. Sounds like the first night went great. We just Keira's bedding in today so we'll be setting up her big girl bed this weekend. I'm worried about the girls playing at bedtime.

    Is raya's outfit from Gymboree? Keira got an outfit from there for her birthday that has the same look as raya's. too cute

    1. Yay, can't wait to hear how Keira likes her new bed!

      Yes, Raya's is from Gymboree---one of the fall lines this year. She loves it--it's very comfy!

  3. Way to go to my pretty big girl Brielle!!!!!

  4. I do the same thing! Envision things to be 1000x times worse than they ever actually are! Love the girls' room & yay for good sleeping! I hope it continues!

  5. Very exciting! Glad shes doing well! Love the room :)

  6. Very exciting for you! So can I ask how did you do when Raya first moved to the big bed from the crib? We are about to move Megan (19 months) and would love helpful suggestions! : )
    Jessie Z.


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