Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blue(berry) Eyes

Just a quick update today, because the girls are with my mom and I've  been sewing most of the day!

First, I just had to share this conversation that Raya and Sawyer had as I drove them to Grandma's after preschool today.

Sawyer: Raya, you have brown eyes.
Raya: eyes are brown!
Me: What color of eyes do *you* have Sawyer?
Sawyer: They are kind of greenish.
Raya: And my sissy Brielle has BLUEBERRY eyes!
Me: (laughing) mean *blue* eyes?
Raya: No mommy, I like to call them blueberry eyes. My sissy has blueberry eyes!
Sawyer: And you have brown-berry eyes!

(unstopable fit of giggles from both)

They make me laugh LOL :-)

In Raya's defense, Brielle does have the  most beautiful blue(berry) eyes I've ever seen!

This  pic was from a couple days ago...forgot to share!
Another funny, here is Brielle "singing" the I Love You song from Barney. She gets a goofy look on her face and she bobs her head back  side to side as she sings. It's so cute! She has the sweetest little  voice.

How hilarious is  that face?!

And the funniest  part? If *I* try to sing along she now does a "talk to the hand" motion and then says "no, stop it Shawna!"  LOL...she will  not stop calling me Shawna!!!  And after she tells me to stop it she immediately plasters her  sweetest smile back  onto her face  and continues singing (alone) :-P

Lastly today, we haven't  done a "what Raya wore" segment in awhile. Today to preschool Raya wore her new ballerina outfit from Gymboree! Gymboree's newest line is a ballerina line, and I love it! I limited myself to this one outfit when they had their circle of friends sale recently....but  I will definitely buy more of this line when it goes super cheap....maybe black friday will  bring some good sales for it :-)  The baby girl ballerina line isn't great in my opinion (because it's all ballerina bunnies and babyish stuff), but  the big  girl section has some awesome ballet stuff!

Raya LOVED her ballet outfit! Although she  did ask multiple times  where  the girl's  face was :-P

My pretty ballerina :-)
Still  no deer from Lee----the countdown has begun for  his  return home....only 3 more days!!!!! Mama is hanging in there, but getting pretty exhausted. Thank goodness for Grandma today!


  1. Loving rayas ballerina outfit, super cute!!

  2. I love their outfits, and Brielle seriously does have the most beautiful blue eyes ever!!!!

    Good luck to your hubby! Hopefully he will come back with a deer. Brian has been out numerous times this year hunting and hasn't come back with anything yet!

  3. I just love to listen to Raya and Sawyers conversations, they are just toooooo funny!!!! Brielle is so adorable when she sings that Barney song!!!!!! And yes she has the prettiest blueberry eyes I have ever seen!!!!!
    Love, Grama F

  4. You seriously have the funniest kids ever. I wish Kyla would start talking like Brielle! I'm getting impatient. And I love the ballerina outfit and the cute grey headband to match :)

    1. Well, I will say that although Brielle is doing quite a bit of talking, much of it is only understood by me lol. I have to translate for others a lot of the time :-P She can say "stop it shawna" quite clearly though!

  5. HAHA hudson does the same thing when I try to do the hot dog dance on mickey mouse!! I love it, he freaks and so NO MAMA, STOP! HUDSON DO IT. They are just so sassy and independent at this age :)

  6. I love it! How cute is that??

    And yay for you surviving! Only a couple more days!

  7. oh i love blueberry eyes :)

    and that ballerina outfit SO CUTE


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