Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Card Reveal!

I think most everyone should  have gotten our Christmas Card by now, so it's time for the blog reveal haha. (In the interest of being thrifty this year  I didn't order as many as usual---and I know a lot of family and friends read this blog and see all the pics here anyways! So don't feel bad if you didn't receive a hard copy.)

This card was *not* what I envisioned---it was cold and windy so Raya's hair is all  over and their little faces were turning red haha. And trying to get a picture where they were looking *and* holding the letter so that  it was readable was a challenge. But  hopefully everyone can appreciate my intention LOL.

Click photo to enlarge

And on another side note...I have never taken the girls to see a mall Santa. That is just one thing that I don't r emember doing as a kid and it's never been a "must do" item on my holiday activity list. Plus Raya  hasn't really cared until  now anyways.

Well today we were at the mall and Raya saw Santa. She seemed like she wanted to see him so I was trying to read the sign (because  I had no idea if you had to pay money to sit on his lap or what) and before I knew it *both* girls were stinkin' sitting on Santa's lap and Raya was rattling off her wish list! haha. She had no fear---and Brielle was smiling away (and I find it funny that if my brother so much as looks at Brielle funny she screams, and yet she runs up and sits on the lap of a strange man in a red suit without a problem!)

The lady working there then told me it was free to sit on Santa's lap...good to know! I  skipped the picture because frankly we hadn't really dressed for pictures today. But now  that I  know they love Santa maybe we'll  go back for a picture another day.

Raya  told Santa she wanted a "bake oven" and "pink kitchen" ....luckily Grandma is getting her an easy bake oven and "santa" already has the pink kitchen---we're good! :-)

Lastly, in case you're curious both girls slept all night without issue again last night. We got this sharing a room thing mastered ;-)


  1. Love the Christmas card, too cute.

  2. Love the card! I think they did awesome with the letters. And I'm being REALLY thrifty this year by not sending any cards out, haha. I just don't have any good pictures, wasn't happy with our family ones we did in October and don't want to waste the money. I'll save it and buy some cute spring clothes on Naartjie or something :)

    With Kyla's fear of men, I will not be taking her to see Santa. I think I'm going to walk around the mall some day next week just to get out of the house so I'll wheel her over by there and see what she does. She is the same way with all her uncles but one, haha.

    Oh, and did you get rid of the extra elf skirt? My mom got an elf 40% off today for next year and it's a girl. If you already gave it away, no problem!

    1. Yeah, sometimes I wonder why I do cards since I know so many people read my blog---but I know we still have plenty of family members who aren't really online so I still end up doing it.

      I was SHOCKED Brielle went to Santa! She pretty much hates everyone other than my parents haha.

      Yeah, sorry---someone claimed the skirt! Yay for having an elf for next year though :-)

    2. Our local news station is having a contest for the best picture of kids sitting on Santa's lap crying. I bet I could have a good chance if winning but it just doesn't seem right :)

  3. I LOVE the card! I think it came out super cute! Emma has always been a teenie bit scared of Santa. She'll sit on his lap but doesn't really talk to him! ha =)

  4. I love the xmas card!!1 I can't believe the girls were not afraid of Santa!!1 We tried to take you guys when you were little, but you both would scream if you even saw Santa!!!!!
    Grama F

  5. Love the card! We are only sending out a few this year, and they are the ones I got free with coupon codes. :)

    That is amazing that Brielle sat on Santa's lap no problem! I remember the times I have taken my girls and they have cried. The first year R was fine, but the next year you can see her crying, clinging to my shirt. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I love them... The perfectly posed Christmas cards don't tend to tell much of a story -- I like the fun ones more!

    I'm a little disappointed with our Christmas Cards this year though - we have good pictures, but I didn't have the time to put together a nice card -- its boring, just a photo with some text slapped on it :(

  7. Love the card, so stinking cute! And good for them liking Santa! I always walk by him in the mall, and it seems like either kids love him or hate him! haha.


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